Wema Bank Transfer Code: A guide to Wema Transfer Code


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In today's present age of finance, Experiencing good conveniences banking when it comes to Financial aspects is the topmost priority Wema Bank provides.
Wema Bank is a popular bank in Nigeria that makes international transactions easy and also provides a quick space for sending and receiving funds.

The Wema Bank provides a powerful tool called the Wema Bank USSD Code that makes its users perform transactions without ease, Also pay bills like your Dstv, Gotv even exam payments using the Wema Bank USSD Code.
The Wema Bank works on all kinds of mobile phones be it a smartphone or a small torch-light phone. And even without knowing tech, you can still use the Wema Bank transfer Code easily.

But in today's articles we will be walking through an informational explanation of the Wema Bank Transfer Code, so stay tuned!

What is a USSD Code?

A USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) code are quick and easy way to access any financial banking services, irrespective of the model of phone you are using.
This sounds good, right? Yeah, this makes it reliable because it makes transactions smooth and doesn't require mobile data or an internet connection.

Wema Bank Transfer Code

The Wema Bank's USSD Code is *945#.
To be able use the Wema Bank Transfer Code and all the offers it provides you have to Activate it.
So let's look on how to activate the Wema Bank Transfer Code.

How To Activate The Wema Bank Transfer Code And Default PIn

In order to make a successful transaction on the Wema transfer code, it has to be activated.
So below is a walk through on how to activate the Wema Bank Transfer Code:
  • On your mobile phone, dial *945#
  • Click on transfer to others and input the account number
  • For a successful transfer, you will be requested to input you Date of birth
  • Then reset your pin from the default pin and create a personal pin
  • And click enter.
By so doing you have successfully activated your Wema Bank Transfer Code and Default Pin.
Default Pin is the system set up pin, so you have to change it to make it personal.

How To Transfer From Wema Bank To Another Bank Using Wema Bank Transfer Code

After activating your Wema Bank Transfer Code, transferring money from your account to another account will be so easy.
So below is how to transfer from Wema Bank to another bank using the Wema Bank Transfer Code:

  • Dial *945# on your mobile phone
  • Navigate to to the transfer option and click on it
  • So enter the recipient account number you want to send to
  • Input your amount
  • Select the recipient Bank 
  • Confirm the recipient name before sending
  • Input your set up personal pin (created during activation) to complete the transaction.
To make it more easier you can simply*945*The recipient account number*your pin# so it the will display the bank options, click on the recipient bank and complete the transaction.
For example: *945*5463684376*2000#.

Wema Code To Check Account Balance 

With the powerful Wema USSD Code you can also check your account balance.
The Wema USSD Code to check balance is *945*0#.
You can do this on any kind of mobile phone.

Other Things You Can Use The Wema USSD Code For:

Aside Using The Wema Bank USSD Code for transfer, you can use the Wema USSD Code *945# for others like:
  • Checking your account balance
  • Purchasing airtime and data (for yourself or others)
  • Paying bills (electricity, cable TV, etc.)
  • Pay for betting (sporty bet, 1xbet etc.)

Funds Agency Tips

While enjoying the offers Wema Bank USSD provides be cautious to note this:
  • Never share your pin with anyone
  • Avoid making transaction using public wifi networks
  • Avoid all scammers calling claiming to be Wema Bank

Wema customer care support 

You can contact the Wema bank on 07000PURPLE (07000787753),+234-8039003700 or call 07051112111 or visit purpleconnect@wemabank.com.

For more information concerning the Wema Bank Transfer Code or aside that but concerning your Wema Bank account, you can contact them on phone call or visit their website as listed above.

FAQ's On Wema Bank Transfer Code 

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions on Wema Bank Transfer Code:

What is the USSD code for Wema Bank?

The USSD code for Wema Bank is *945#.

Do I need an internet connection to use the Wema Bank transfer code?

No, a USSD code works perfectly without an internet connection.

Are there any daily or transfer limit restrictions?

Yes, there are daily transfer limit on the Wema Bank Transfer Code.
The daily transfer limit is N200,000 but you can access a higher amount using the Wema Bank Mobile App.

Can I use the Wema Bank transfer code on any phone?

Yes of course, the wema bank transfer code can be used on any type of phone irrespective of the model.

Is it safe to use the Wema Bank transfer code?

Yes, is safe to use the Wema Bank Transfer Code following the tips and guide outline on this article. But most importantly keep your pin safe and personal.


The Wema Bank Transfer makes the Financial journey smooth, without stress you can make transaction on your phone by just dialing the Wema transfer code at a tip of a finger.
If your Wema transfer code has not been activated, with this guide you can activate your Wema Bank Transfer Code and begin a hassle free transactions, pay bills and even purchase airtime without a data/internet connection.

For more information on the Wema Bank Transfer Code, I recommend you visit the Wema Bank websites or contact their customer service.

Thanks for reading! Happy smooth Banking!

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