8 Loan Apps Without BVN In Nigeria 2024


It feels bad to request a loan in Nigeria, and one of the limitations of getting it is BVN.
All thanks to some loan apps or websites that have made it possible without a BVN requirement.
This article contains a list of 7 Top Loan Apps Without BVN In Nigeria.

So without much waste of time let's delve quickly into the topic of the day.

7 Top Loan Apps Without BVN 

Below are the list of the 7 Top Loan Apps Without BVN:

1. Fairmoney

2. Aella Credit

3. QuickCheck

4. Kuda Bank

5. Branch

6. Carbon

7. PalmCredit

So let's look deep on each of the following listed Loan Apps Without BVN.


Fairmoney Logo 


Fairmoney is a Personal and Business Loan types that gives loan as high as N300,000 in Nigeria without BVN requirements.
Fairmoney is generally known by it's users for fast and easy application process, simple loan terms.
It's interest rates are low but vary towards your loan amount and creditworthiness.

So simply download the Fairmoney App from your playstore or App store to get a loan from fairmoney today without BVN. 

Aella Credit

Aella Credit Loan App image

Aella Credit is a loan app that gives out loan without the need of a BVN.
Aella Credit is a Short-Term Loans that is known for focusing on female entrepreneurs, promotes financial inclusion.

Aella Credit Loan amounts may be limited to some persons, eligibility criteria may is been tailored towards business women's .

And they promised they can give out loan of upto N1M if you meets it's criteria.


QuickCheck App image

QuickCheck is a salary advance loan that doesn't require for your BVN before giving out a loan.
QuickCheck are known for quick and fast loan approval, and easy repayment option with installments.
There are interest rates are low but vary to the amount you wish to loan.

So go ahead and download the QuickCheck App on playstore or App store.


Kuda Bank

Kuda Bank Logo 

Kuda Bank is a best option that suites you when it comes to Loan Apps Without BVN.
The Kuda bank gives loan in as much as you have a Kuda Bank Account. And is a short-term loan, which is quick and easy to get when you apply.
The interest are not much.
So to get a loan from Kuda bank you must have an account with them. Simply download the Kuda Bank App and Sign Up so as to be eligible for the Kuda Bank loan.


Branch Loan App image 

Branch is a type of loan typically for salary earners. You can access loan from them with a requirement of BVN.
Branch have a competitive interest rate, because their rate are low.
This type of loan varies toward salary earners. So you may not be eligible if you are not a salary earner.


Carbon image

Carbon is a loan app that gives loan without requiring for BVN.
The are short-term loan and are known for creditworthiness.
They give out loan ranging from N1500-N1m.
They are repayment time are short.


PalmCredit loan image

PalmCredit is a loan app that offers loan without requesting for BVN.
PalmCredit offers a micro loan opportunity unlike other loan apps.
They are user friendly and easy to navigate to request for loan.

FUNDS Agency Tips

  1. Before applying for loan from this loan apps compare there interest and their eligibility to see the one that suites you.
  2. Ask questions from other people who has used any of the apps service, so as to choose from their experience.
  3. Make sure to check the repayment time frame so as to be able to pay on time.
  4. Mind you loan what you can afford to pay.
  5. If you need a bigger or smaller loan you can choose wisely.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Where can I borrow money without BVN?

You can borrow money from loan apps like Fairmoney, Branch,Kuda Bank and lot listed on the article.

What are some factors to consider when choosing a loan app?

Interest Rates (APR): Compare their Annual Percentage Rates (APR) to understand the true cost of borrowing from any of the loan apps.

Loan Amounts and Terms: Consider the loan amount you need and choose the loan  that suite your repayment terms.

Fees: Be aware of any one-time origination fees or late payment charges.

User Reviews and Reputation: Research the app's reputation and read user reviews to gain insights and also avoid scams.

Customer Support: Ensure the loan app offers reliable customer support channels in case you need assistance.


The Above explain getting a loan from the listed loan apps without the requirements of BVN.
BVN is a crucial number most all loan apps may need before giving out loans.
Before applying for loan make sure the loan app is secured before inputting your personal information.
Thanks for reading!

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