Need Your BVN on Access Bank? Here's How to Check It Quickly and Easily In 2024

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Are you an Access Bank customer and you need to access your BVN? We will walk together through the ways to access your BVN quickly and easily on your Access Bank, either by USSD Code, The Access More App, or via SMS.

Access Bank is licensed by the central bank of Nigeria and registered as Access Bank Plc, which later merged with Diamond bank.

BVN ( Bank Verification Number) is a crucial digit number used generally by all CBN-approved banks.

The BVN is the unique number that helps in preventing fraud and gives you a guaranteed secured transaction.

Below are the ways to get your BVN on your Access Bank.

Ways To Check Your BVN On Access Bank

The following are ways to check your BVN on Access Bank:
  • Through the Access Bank USSD Code
  • Through the Access More App
  • Via SMS

Checking Your BVN with Access Bank's USSD Code

To check your BVN quick and easier, you can use the Access Bank USSD Code to check for you BVN.
Below is a step to check your BVN with Access Bank USSD Code:
  • Dial*901# on your mobile phone, be it small or big
  • Then on the Menu displayed, click on the options "Account inquiry" 
  • On the displayed choose "BVN inquiry"
  • Input your pin.
You can also use the General CBN Short-Code *565*0# on your phone.
  • *565*0# on your phone
  • Agree to the terms and conditions
  • You maybe likely asked to input your date of birth (DOB) 
  • Then input your pin
  • You will received a display of your BVN.
Note: Using the USSD Code on checking for your BVN you will be charged a service fee of N20.

So this can be used even on small phones without internet connection.

Checking Your BVN Through The Access More Mobile App

The Access More App may be a suitable and convenient option for you when needing to check your BVN.
Below is a guide on Checking your BVN Through The Access More App:

  • First of all, Download the Access More App on your play store or apple store if you don't have the app on your phone
  • After that you "login"
  • Then Navigate to your profile page
  • So click on the show details
  • There you find your BVN and you other personal information, including your phone number and email address.
This can be the simple method of checking your BVN on Access Bank. Using the Access More App it doesn't require a fee, only an internet connection.

The last way to check your BVN on Access Bank below.

Checking Your BVN via SMS

Well, not all bank offer the option of checking BVN via SMS, Access Bank can provides you your BVN through sms, if only your name, phone number and some personal information are communicated on the Access Bank website or through customer support channels.  

So you can check your BVN via SMS today.

FAQs On How TO Check BVN On Access Bank

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions On How To Check BVN On Access Bank:

What is a BVN (Bank Verification Number)?

BVN ( Bank Verification Number) is a crucial digit number used generally by all CBN-approved banks.

Why would I need to check my BVN?

You may the need to check your BVN for different reasons, such as:

  1. Linking it to your new account
  2. Applying For Loan
  3. To verify your information concerning Financial aspects.

What Fee Does Checking BVN via SMS Costs?

Checking your BVN via USSD cost a small fee of N20.

I don't have a smartphone. Can I still check my BVN with Access Bank?

Yes, you check your BVN using the Access Bank USSD Code, irrespective of the phone you are using.

FUNDS Agency Conclusion 

The most convenient ways of checking your BVN on Access Bank is depending on the one that suites you.
Want to check your BVN on Access Bank without an internet connection the USSD code is a good option.
But having a smartphone and an internet connection the Access More App is a good option.

For more information about checking your BVN on Access Bank, you can check the Access Bank website for more informations or do well to contact their customer care.

Thanks for reading! Happy Banking with Access Bank! 

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