First Bank Loan Code: Get Fast Access To Loan On 2024

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In today's hard economy, where unexpected expenses arise and emergency need of funds comes up. All thanks to First Bank for a provision to access loans and sort out unexpected expenses In Nigeria.
Not only do First Bank give out loan, but also make the Financial world so easy.
Through the powerful tool called the USSD code.

You can apply loan from First Bank directly from your phone through the First Bank loan code.

So in this informational article we will walk through the major options in using the First Bank loan code. So stay tuned!

The First Bank Loan Code is *894*11# 

Benefits of Using a First Bank Loan Code:

Here are the benefits to enjoy when using the First Bank loan code.

Quick and Easy Application:  There will be no need Going to any First Bank Branch to apply or fill any sort of loan application form.
But using the First Bank transfer Code you will get your loan directly from your mobile phone.
Which is easy to navigate.

24/7 Accessibility:  You using the First Bank loan code you can request and get a loan at any time.
Which makes it helpful during emergencies.

Unlike going to the bank to queue or fill a form.

Multiple Loan Options: The First Bank loan code make it possible to choose any different options of loan that suite your needs.

Below are the list of loan options.

First Bank Loan Codes by Loan Type:

First Credit 

FirstCredit is the best option that suite immediate short-term needs.
So below I will be guiding you on how to apply:

  • Dial *894# on your mobile phone
  • Navigate the Loan Option
  • Click on FirstCredit then you proceed to
  • Then Click on The First Bank account number you choose to Link the loan with
  • Then Accept Term's And Condition
  • Input the desired amount you want to loan
  • Enter your First Bank 5- digit pin to complete the loan application.


  • No documents is required
  • Loan is disbursed directly from your First Bank Account linked to it.

FirstAdvance (For Salary Earners):

FirstAdvance is another option provided by First Bank for  you to access a part of your upcoming salary in advance.  That's why Is called  FirstAdvance.
Let's proceed on applying on FirstAdvance:

  • Dial *894*11# or *894# on your Mobile phone
  • Select the loan option term "FirstAdvance"
  • It will show the Eligible amount you can loan
  • Review the interest rate, fees, and terms and conditions property
  • Enter your First Bank 5-digit PIN to confirm the loan application.

- You Access funds quickly to cover emergency needs.
- The loan repayment is deducted directly from your First Bank account upon any salary received.

Looking for Additional Loan Options?

Looking for additional loan options on the First Bank loan code? First Bank offers different forms of loan either a large or small terms, This article is an informational article on First Bank loan code.
You can explore other loan options from the First Bank Mobile App to choose the one that suite you.

And maintaining a good credit score increases you chance of getting loan through the First Bank transfer code.
So it is advisable to maintain a good credit history on First Bank.

First Bank Loan Code: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below Are Some Frequently Asked Questions On The First Bank Loan Code:

I'm not a salary earner. Can I still apply for a FirstAdvance?

No, FirstAdvance are mainly available to salary earners who meet the First Bank eligibility criteria.

Can I repay my loan through the First Bank transfer code?

No, you can't repay your loan through the First Bank transfer Code but using other method like the Mobile App can be a better option.

What happens if my loan application is rejected?

You will receive an SMS on your linked first bank number stating the reasons for your rejection. But mostly could be insufficient Credit History.

How long does it take to get the loan after applying through USSD code?

It depends on the type of loan you are applying for, if it's FirstCredit your loan processing will be fast.
But if it's FirstAdvance the loan processing will a bit slow depending on your eligibility and the internal processing.

Where can I find more information about First Bank loans?

For more about First Bank loan either options or transfer code, you can be visit their website First Bank or contact their customer service hotline.

FUNDS Agency Conclusion 

With First Bank transfer Code, acessing quick funds is made easier.
And with the First Bank USSD Code we have the access to Financial freedoms.
Reading the article to this extent means you have understanding of the First Bank transfer code.
 Apply for the loan today and have the acess to quick and easy funds for your emergency needs.

Thanks For Reading!

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