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Websites To Download Free Blogger Templates

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Hello friend! Have you been looking for websites to download free blogger templates? Look no further.


Some of my friends who are also bloggers on blogspot do ask me where I get beautiful blogger templates. Some do admire the designs. I am someone who likes playing with blogger templates a lot.


So in this post, I will show you websites to download free blogger templates that are mobile friendly and responsive.


Blogger has its own custom templates but if you don’t like them or you are not into templates designing, feel free to visit these websites. They have paid and free versions of the templates.


Websites to download free blogger templates

Without further ado, let’s get on with the lists of the websites to download free blogger templates.

1). Gooyaabitemplates

Gooyaabitemplates was founded by Subramanian from India. What they do is distribute highly responsive, seo ready, and mobile-friendly blogger templates from designers to end users. If you are looking for custodian of blogger templates, visit this website. They have both free and paid versions.


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2). Soratemplates

Soratemplates has a lot of mobile-friendly, seo ready and responsive blogger templates in stock. If you don’t want the free versions, you can buy pro version and it accepts payment in various forms. Feel free to check out some free blogger templates on soratemplates. They are also in close connection with Gooyaabitemplates.

3). Bloggertheme9

Was founded in 2013 and have evolved to publish modern, fresh and customized blogger templates for a diverse client base. ‘Clear and neat’ coding is always on top of their priority. When designing their templates they opt not to use images, enabling their themes to be loaded fast. Click here to visit the website.

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4). BTemplates

BTemplates is also one of the websites I run to whenever I need a new template to use for my work or customers. It has enormous collections of cool blogger templates. Check them out. If you want the pro version of template used on BTemplates website (Simplify blogger template), contact me.

5). Themeindie

Themeindie is also one of my favorites. As a matter of fact, I love the templates there more than any other. They too have free and paid versions of templates as low as $3.48. Their choice of payment is PayPal. Check Themeindie templates out for your blogspot projects.

6). MS Design Templates

MS Design got so many nice and perfectly coded blogger templates. My present best template is developed by MS Design. Click here to check them out.

How To Install Blogger Templates Successfully

To install blogger templates, follow this simples guide. The first thing you have to do is to convert your template from zip form to XML file so that it can be installed. You can use some android apps e.g WP Office to open the zip file which will automatically convert it to XML.

Step #1. Login to your blogger dashboard and click on theme/template.


Step #2. At the top-right-hand-corner, you will see back up. Click on it. On the popup window, click on upload file. Then select the template XML file from your device. I discussed this step exclusively in my eBook
Once it is done, it will tell you successful. Its simple as that.

Concluding Website to download free blogger template

These are not the only websites to download free blogger templates but, are the ones I trust as I have visited each of them times without number. To make your blog visitors feel at home, you must strive to give them the best designs.

Do you have other websites where free blogger templates can be downloaded? Feel free to share with me! And don’t forget to share this post.
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