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Trolex Review: Scam Or Legit? Read This Before You Join

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This is a descriptive guide on Trolex Income Program, letting you know whether Trolex is legit or another scam.

In this review, you will know;

  • What Trolex Income is about
  • How Trolex can earn you money
  • Whether Trolex is legit or scam

Let’s get started.

What is Trolex Income Program about?

Trolex is a Nigerian make money online program, founded by Raji Ibrahim, that is dedicated to releasing information about business in Nigeria and Africa.

Trolex Income Program operates same way as Giftalworld, LPV Forum and the likes did.

According to Trolex;

Apart from normal offline business, we also publish informative contents on how one can make money online from home in Nigeria. If you wish to contribute to this moving train in helping people, you can submit your content to be published here by contacting us through the contact page. Our mission is to see people succeed financially.

How Trolex Income Program works

Do you remember how the likes of Giftalworld, LPV Forum, nairaquest etc work? Trolex Income Program works same way.

Trolex is a get paid to read news online, get paid to write contents, get paid to refer people and get paid to share sponsored posts online platform with N2000 registration fee.

Major ways Trolex pays his members

Trolex Income Program

Trolex pays in two ways. Viz;

  1. Activities earning: You get paid when you perform the required activities on the site.
  2. Referrals: When you refer people to the platform, you get paid per each person. N1200 per person.
  3. Raffle draw: Worth 50k

How to withdraw earning on Trolex

The Withdrawal requires a minimum Amount of ₦5000 only. Once your activity earnings and referral earnings reach ₦5000, You will be able to request for withdrawal.

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Trolex Registration: How to sign up on Trolex easily

Before you read further, know that you need sum of N2000 for the registration and it is meant for buying the coupon code that you will use.

Follow the steps below to register on Trolex;

  1. Go to site and click on the register link
  2. Use the coupon code you bought earlier and then click on nextTrolex Registration
  3. Fill in your bio-data and submit. You are in!

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Some facts about Trolex you should know

Some of these facts are by us and it can be the pros and cons of Trolex Income Program.

  1. No physical address/location: Throughout the site, there is no where physical address was made mentioned of. Every legit business needs one.
  2. Registered with CAC: It is not something difficult for any business to register with CAC and that doesn’t guarantee their legitimacy. Lots of registered businesses scam people nowadays.
  3. Domain age: Domain was registered on 9/11/2020 by one Niyi Oke in Ibadan and it will expire in same date in 2021. Expect it to crash by that time. Red flag.
  4. Founded by the then owner of Giftalworld: We all know how Giftalworld ended. The question is, has he learnt his lessons? And will Trolex stay longer than Giftalworld?

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Is Trolex legit/a scam?

We can’t categorically tell you it is legit or another scam. It is still a new program and as at the time of this publication, it is just a month old.

So, expect it to pay people. When it is nearing the expiring date of the domain, get yourself ready for anything.

Does Trolex pay with referrals?

Even if Trolex claims to pay without referrals, you need referrals to make the actual money you want on the platform.

So, if you don’t know how to refer, get ready to get tired of the program.

Wrapping up Trolex Income Program Review

In this article, we have opened your eye to yet another income program. It is another way to make money online. Learn how to refer, and make the money while it lasts. Nothing lasts forever. If you lack referring skill, its going to be hectic.


This article isn’t aimed at bad-mouthing Trolex nor is it aimed at promoting it. It is meant to serve as information and guide for people who may be interested.

Any decision you make should be by you and we are in no way responsible for it.

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