Top 10 Nurses Blogs In Nigeria (See Who Is First)

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In this information age, a lot is happening on the internet. A lot of information about anything you want is on the world wide web. As a nurse, see the top 10 nurses blogs in Nigeria for Nigerian nurses.

Should you not know, I am a Registered Nurse who was certified by Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria (NMCN). To make sure I stay updated with nursing issues as possible as I can, I check on any of these top 10 nurses blog in Nigeria.

What is their ranking based on?

The rankings of these top nurses blogs in Nigeria are based on their individual Domain Authorities (DA).

What is DA (Domain Authority)?

DA is a score [developed by Moz] that hints on the “strength” and relevance of a website for a specific subject area or industry. It’s measurement ranges from 0 to 100, which predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages (SERPs). The higher the number of points, the higher is a website’s DA.

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List of top 10 nurses blogs in Nigeria For Nigerian Nurses

10). NursingBlog.Com.Ng (Nursing Blog)

Nursing Blog was founded by Adodo Felix in the first quarter of 2018 out of his passion to share educative and informative articles with major Nurses and the rest of the world. The blog covers issues in Nursing, health Researches, Health news, Sport, Health and lifestyle and lots more.

DA is 5/100

Top 10 nurses blogs in Nigeria

9). Nurses On Air (NOA)

NOA has been around for a while and they have been thriving. The organization comprises of Registered nurses who believed in Nursing. Its activities include community sensitization, health education (on air) and public awareness. Whenever there is fight against quackery in nursing, NOA is surely on the front roll.

DA is 7/100

Top 10 nurses blogs in Nigeria

8). Fellow Nurses Africa (FNA)

FNA is a Non-governmental organization managed by groups of Registered Nurses which was founded by Oluwatosin Kehinde O. FNA is the first Nursing organization to have Nursing Times eMagazine in Nigeria and the first to organized Catch Them Young (online program which brings fresh nursing graduates together for proper after-school orientation) which is now every year program. FNA blog publishes stuffs on Health news, Nursing issues, Campus gist, Motivation and lots more.

Just couple of months ago, she organized her essay contest and the winners went home with something tangible.

FNA recently moved to WordPress. Its DA is 12/100

7). Health Information Corner (HIC)

When you need job vacancies, adverts in healthline, HIC is the place to go. HIC covers news in Health, Nursing schools, Admission, Tips on internship and lots more. Princewill Aghedo founded it with four other nurses.

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DA is 12/100. HIC is currently offline.

6). Naija Nurses

The mission of this blogsite is to bring nurses together home and abroad with common and also to change public views about nurses. You can find stuffs on ICN, NMCN, Admission, School of nursing and lots more on this website

DA is 13/100

5). Lead Nurse Africa (LNA)

Lead Nurse goes beyond Nigeria. Its influence reaches some part of other African countries. If you are looking for nursing conferences, LNA is the spot for you. They are currently preparing (as at the time this article was published) publicizing their conference in Ghana. Care to attend, check LSA website.

DA is 14/100

4). Naija Nurses Forum

This is a forum where various nursing issues are discussed. Covers School, Nursing news, Internship, ask a question and lots more.

DA is 18/100

3). Nurses Arena

Nurses Arena forum was created as far back as 2014. The blog covers issues in health news, nursing news, admission, internship and lots more. To stay updated with current issues in nursing and health, check out the arena.

DA is 25/100

2). Nurses Got Talent (NGT)

NGT mission is rewarding talented Nurses both in academic and other spheres of life. They organize the Nurses Got Talent Foundation. The last one I knew about, the winner got away with N50,000. NGT also write about educative and informative articles on her blog.

DA is 27/100

1). Nursing World Nigeria (NWN)

And this is the #1 nursing blog in Nigeria! Nursing world Nigeria has been around even before I started Blogging. NWN covers stuffs on Nursing jobs, Internship, Admission, Nursing news, Seminars and lots more. Their commitment to updating the blog daily contributes to its ranking. If they continue like that, I see them at the top in years to come.

They cover everything about nursing in Nigeria and more than 2,000 searches go to the blog’s name alone every month.

DA is 38/100

Wrapping up top 10 nurses blogs in Nigeria

Assist Blogger has given you list of top 10 nurses blogs in Nigeria based on their Domain Authority that you can go to as a Nigerian nurse to stay updated. Do you know of other nurses blogs am missing out?

Share with me.

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