Things to know before you hire blog/website designer

These days, it’s becoming beneficial to have a website and/or blog for your business, side hustle or passion. If you are not a tech savvy and do not know how to create a blog/website and yet needs one for your business or passion, what do you do? You hire one. Before you do, there are some things to know before you hire blog/website designer.

“Your website or blog represents your brand; it shouldn’t be done and managed anyhow.”

Who Is A Blog/Web Designer?

This is someone who is knowledgeable/vast in creating website or blog with whatever CMS (WordPress or Blogspot and the rest) he/she is good at (and as required by his/her client) to make sure a business or passion has an online presence for others to access. Blog designers are good at using HTML and/or CSS and/or PHP and/or Javascript etc.

Question to hire blog/website designer


Things to know before you hire blog/website designer

These things also include the questions you are expected to ask before you give him/her go-ahead on your project. Whether you get the contact of a web designer online or someone referred him to you, take note of the following;

1). Does he/she understand your business/passion?

As we move deeper into the information age, more people from various walks of life are venturing into web designing and development.

When your designer has a deep knowledge about what your business or passion is, be rest assured, he will give you his best to make sure you achieve your objectives.

For example, am a nurse and I understands stuffs in the medical world. Creating blog or website in health related niche can never be a problem (but that doesn’t stop me from creating blogs in non-health related niche. All I have to do is study you and what you are passionate about).

Hire Blog/Website designer

2). Does he/she have a webpage?

It is expected of a web designer to have a personal/business web page where he connects with his prospects.

Tutorial bloggers and web designer write on things they have tried, found useful and helpful (which mean they have tried lots of things as far as blog or website is concerned).

So, if he/she doesn’t have a webpage, don’t expect much. How can he understand self hosted blog when he doesn’t have one?

3). How long has he been doing it and does he understands the platform you wish to use?

Although, this doesn’t really matter but it counts. Because the longer one does something, the more often he encounters some problems and the better he becomes. If he has at least 2 years experience, you are good to go. Experience matters too!

4). Even with the fact that you know nothing about it, will he be able to teach you and give you necessary support?

Blogging or owning a website seem simple, like a piece of cake but it’s not really as simple as it seems. If you are coming into the blogosphere with no understanding of what website/blog is, you need a designer that will be able to hold you by the hand and give you some stuffs (from choosing right niche, to SEO, to driving traffic, to keyword researching, backlink and so on). All these are things included in my Blogging Class With SirPhren.

I monitor my clients till they get approved by Google AdSense and still give them PRN (when necessary) supports including back links. Sometimes, I write for them. Will your web designer be able to do all that?

5). What about his past works (portfolio)?

This is the vital part. You need to see his past works, assess before you make up your mind. His past works will tell you how good he his and his level of understanding as far as web/blog is concerned. You can choose your preferred design base on his past works or use a new one.

Wrapping up things to know before you hire a blog/website designer

All the aforementioned issues about hiring a web/blog designer are what I have on assist blogger here. When you hire me, I help you with; choosing your niche, buying right domain, choosing right CMS (Content Management System), give you tutorial (free), free eBook and free blogging tips till am rest assured you can do stuffs alone without any help.

You can hire me to have your website or blog done for you at a take away price with your budget in consideration. Have a look at some of the website and blogs have worked on in my portfolio/hire me page here. Call me now +2348151244131.

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