Sunbiz Forum Review: Make N15k Weekly On Sunbiz Technology

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Sunbiz Forum Review

Welcome to the review of Sunbiz Forum. In this descriptive guide I will be talking on Sunbiz Forum Review: How to make N15k weekly with just N500 registration fee.

In this guide, you will know;

  • What Sunbiz Technology Forum is all about
  • How to do Sunbiz registration
  • Whether Sunbiz is legit or scam.

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What is Sunbiz Forum is about?

Sunbiz Technology Income Forum is a forum that operates as a get paid to read news website in Nigeria. It was founded by Sunbiz Technology few months ago.

It is interchangeably referred to as; Sunbuz forum, Sunbiz Technology and Sunbiz Technology Income.

The main purpose of Sunbiz is to educate, empower and inspire youths in Nigeria and at the same time, make money online with their smartphone.

Sunbiz Technology Income has had over 75k members since creation.

How does Sunbiz Forum works?

Sunbiz Technology Income works just like every income programs in Nigeria such as Giftalworld, LPV Forum, Newspayforum and so on.


Sunbiz is unique in its own way compare to other. It has the lowest registration fee.

You also get paid for daily login, registration bonus and so on.

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Who can join Sunbiz Income Forum?

Anyone can join and register on Sunbiz Forum to start making money online in Nigeria no matter your location.

Student, Employed, Unemployed, Blogger, Social media influencers etc can join. The good thing about Sunbiz Technology Income program is that;

  1. No membership level
  2. Referral is optional
  3. Payment is fast
  4. Instant activation of account
  5. Affordable registration fee (N500)

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How to make money on Sunbiz Forum

The ways to earn on Sunbiz are;

  1. Registration bonus is N300
  2. When you share sponsored post, you get N250 daily
  3. Daily login, N100
  4. Comment N5
  5. When you submit 5 posts, you get N30
  6. When you refer anyone to the program, you get N300

Payment for referral earners is daily and weekly for non-referrals.


How to buy Sunbiz coupon code for registration

Go to the coupon code vendor page here, contact any of the vendors, pay to him or her and get your coupon code

Sunbiz Forum Registration: How to sign up on Sunbiz technology

Follow the steps below;

  1. Go to Sunbiz registration page
  2. Fill the form as shown below.
  3. Scroll down and paste the coupon code you bought
  4. Tick the terms and conditions
  5. Then click on Register

Boom! You are done.


Login to Sunbiz Forum dashboard and start making your money.

Video: Sunbiz Forum Registration, Login & Dashboard

Is Sunbiz real, legit or scam?

I have not heard anything bad or discouraging about Sunbiz Technology. It is a legit platform you can join and start making money.

Wrapping up Sunbiz Forum Review

Assist Blogger has again shown you another income program you can join to make money online in Nigeria.

You don’t wait too long before you decided. Join now and start making money with your smartphone.



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23 thoughts on “Sunbiz Forum Review: Make N15k Weekly On Sunbiz Technology”

      1. I checked the website and they don’t have up to 10 daily news. And I was hoping earn through read and comment, share and login and not referral because I’m not good at it.

      2. Sunbiz feels like scam to me…. I placed a withdrawal 6 days ago and I wasn’t paid although it was deducted from my account..There I no customer service to call and nobody is listening to me..On my first activities withdrawal sef… It’s bad attitude

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