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Some Reasons You Can’t Make Money Online & What To Do

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Who wouldn’t want to earn money online? Especially in this lockdown, no one!

But then, not everyone can earn money online in Nigeria or any part of the world.

In this guide I will be showing you reasons you can’t make money online (if you haven’t) and what to do to make it.

Monetizing your presence online isn’t as simple as it sounds. And it doesn’t start in a day.

make money online

What does making money online means?

Making money online means carrying out some activities online and get paid in return. There are legal and illegal ways of earning online. But, I don’t advice you go the illegal ways.

Before you can make money online, you must have a way of offering values to people online


Have some particular activities you take part in and get rewarded for them.

Online money isn’t coming to you for doing nothing. It comes when you know what you are doing. Nothing ventures nothing gained.

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Money on Whatsapp

Few Ways you can make money online

There are some easy ways to make money online with little to no investment. Investment can be in form of money, time and learning useful skills.

  1. You can make money to read news, share sponsored post: There are some online income programs (in Nigeria and globally) that pay their members to read news, drop comment, shared their sponsored post s and so on. See a list of legit get paid to read news online websites in Nigeria.
  2. You can make money by referring people to register for programs online, purchase an item or enroll for online courses i.e affiliate marketing. If you are able to convince a man to act in a particular way, you can make money as an affiliate marketer.
  3. Having a personal blog: Having your personal space on the world wide web can bring you side income daily, weekly and monthly. Your blog will make affiliate and email marketing easier for you. You can also use your blog to offer your professional services.
  4. As an author/copywriter: Are you good with pen and a paper? You can make money to write  articles for people, to write sale copy for products promotion.

Whatever you know how to do, anything at all, you can monetize it online. You just have to equip yourself with necessary skills and use the right channel.

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Why then haven’t I made a dime online? You are about to know the reasons you can’t make money online.

Some reasons you can’t make money online & what to do

If you are finding it difficult to make a dime online, you may be a victim of one or more of the reasons below;

  1. Lack of motivation and purpose: Why do you want to make money and why must it be online? Having a purpose will keep you pushing and keeping yourself up. When you have a goal to achieve, you wouldn’t want to give up the struggle.
  2. You don’t know how make money online scheme works: There are various schemes online via which anyone can make money. If you jump into just anyone because you see your friend making, you may not enjoy the experience.
  3. Lack of proper info before signing up for an income program: Every income programs has instructions and guides to follow. But, when you are too in hurry to fully understand how the particular one you join works, you will have problem with the registration and even cashing out from it.
  4. Greediness: It is not uncommon to see people want to turn $1 to $100 in a day. Only ponzi schemes will promise you that but then, they are not real. You can’t make money online when you want to make the whole money in a day.
  5. Failure of income programs to sustain and shady activities: This has little to do with you. But, it is your responsibility to research and find out about any program before joining.
  6. Lack of needed tools: As simple as it sounds, you can’t make money online when you are not equipped to do so. No laptop, no smartphone, no data subscription etc. And worst of it all, you have zero online skill.
  7. You see everything as a scam: The fact is, not everything is a scam. You are the one looking for the easy ways.
  8. You are afraid of failing: You want to start today and become a master today. Nothing works that way!

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What to do to earn money online

  1. Acquire necessary skills in your area of interest. If you want to be a blogger, take blogging course. If you want to make money referring people to programs, learn the skill and tricks of affiliate marketing. Etc
  2. Before joining or signing up for any program, take your time to research and read about it. Mingle with those doing it and learn. Don’t just dabble into anything.
  3. Be ready to spend money: Nothing good comes easy. You will have to spend money and/or time.
  4. Be determined and never give up. Success is not for the weak. Some skills will require you to work at them for some months before they turn to what will be making you money.

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Make money online in Nigeria

Wrapped up reasons you can’t make money online and what to do

I just showed you some reasons, according to me, you are still finding it difficult to make money online. Understand yourself and whatever you venture into. There is money online, you just have to look for it.

If this article helps, kindly share with your friends.

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        1. Yes there are some. My candid advice is, do your part dutifully for the read news and share post site.

          If its an investment program, don’t invest money you can’t afford to lose.

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