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The Negative effects of social media on youths


This is an article that delves into the positive and negative effects of social media on youths. Written by Chukwuma Okafor.

Social media has played and will continue to play important roles in our modern world. Statistics show that 50.64% of the world’s population uses social media. And 51% of social media are youths. This makes the youths the most users of social media.


The use of social has both negative and positive effects on the youths. Although it is causing more damage than profit, Social media has vastly contributed and aided the communication industry, Finance industry, Advertising industry and also played a major role in bridging the gap of distance between people around the world.

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The Negative effects of social media on youths

  • No private life

With the way most youths are addicted to social, they tend to post everything that happens in their lives on social media. Both the ones that should and should not be posted. If you want to know any latest happening in their life, just go to their timeline and you will be updated.


  • Leads to lack of social skills

Young people who spend most of their time on social media will have little or no idea of socializing. They are the ones that grow up to become introverts and have nobody as friends because they lack the skill and what it takes to have a friend in person when they are not on the social media platform.


  • Lowering self-esteem

Spending a lot of time on social media will deny you the opportunity to associate yourself with others. Some people tend to lack self-confidence in relating and dealing with people directly since they are tied to the custom of social media. Such youth will have no pride in themselves or what they can do. This can negatively affect how they think the society perceive them.

  • Anxiety

When someone is too curious (wanting to know what someone is planning to do or is doing). It affects your mental health and psychology. Staying in this state too often for a long time can cause uneasiness and lack of concentration on most essential things.

  • Cyberbullying

Many young people are victims of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is when someone communicates false, hostile, or embarrassing information to some specific people. It is very difficult for them to tell people around them what is going on with them and when this goes on for a long time, it leads to low self-esteem, depression, isolation sometimes makes some people suicidal. Among all the negative effects of social media cyberbullying is the uncommon one.

  • Sleep deprivation

Many youths spend most of their time on social media some even go to the extent of spending their sleeping time on social media. Sleep is very essential for the continuous function of the body. Many people in this category later experience body breakdown or have complications from lack of sleep.

The positive effects of social media on youths

The positive effects of social media on youths

  • Education

Social media is where you can easily find educational content and materials on literally every Industry or topic you want. It gives young people the opportunity and access to get good knowledge easily and with little or no cost.

  • Information acquisition

Almost all the latest and updated happenings in the world are on social media. Social media has vastly contributed to the communication industry by creating a platform for quick and easy access to breaking news and the latest happenings in politics, entertainment.

  • Job opportunities

Many unemployed young people have harnessed the power of social media and have been able to be gainfully employed through social media. Some of the job opportunities social media offers are digital marketer, social media account management, social media influencer, and lots more.

  • Social advantage

Social media bridges the gap of distance. With the arrival of social media, many young people have been able to meet new friends living in different continents where they live. This has made socialization easier, as somebody living in Europe can learn about the culture of someone in Africa.

  • Information dissemination

Social media has made information dispersal easy and male information reaches a lot of people within a short time. With social media, information can reach a target audience with little or no effort. This includes the Nigerian Youths investment fund.

  • Politics

In politics, social media has contributed to campaigns, for political candidates to reach out to youths with their intentions to them when they are voted into office. Social media has also helped influence youths on their choices of leadership for a political position.

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Social media is like a two-edged sword, it can improve your life and it can reduce your values or worth. Parents are expected to monitor and regulate the children’s rime on social media and the Internet generally. It is recommended to spend at most half an hour of the day on social media and not the entire day.


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Chukwuma Okafor is an entrepreneur, writer, internet enthusiast with the goal of making the internet have positive effect on the society. A computer technician that uses technology and writing to give back to humanity. He is regular content creator at insight.ng.

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