MyNairaToBank Income Program: How You Can Make Money (N3k Daily) With Facebook Account

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MyNairaToBank income program

Welcome to review of how to make money MyNairaToBank (MN2B) platform.  This is a descriptive guide on MyNairaToBank Income program: how you can make money with Facebook in Nigeria.

In this review, you will know;

  • What MyNairaToBank income program is all about
  • How to do MN2B registration
  • Whether MN2B is legit or scam

What is MyNairaToBank income program about? is a newly created income program platform in Nigeria. It is an online news aggregation and contribution site that focuses on delivering curated, relevant news from top reliable news sources majorly in Nigeria.

MN2B uses robots to source for news items by publishers, bloggers including top media sites such as, Vanguard, The Guardian etc.

How does MyNairaToBank income program work?

My Naira To Bank works just like every other get paid to read news websites in Nigeria (e.g Giftalworld, Atpays etc) with one or two differences.

It is an online media with an affiliate system that pays people to read news, refer friends and share sponsored post on their Facebook account.

MyNairaToBank packages/plans

Below are the packages you can subscribe to on MN2B and things you stand to gain from each plans.

MyNairaToBank Income ProgramMy Naira To Bank

MyNairaToBank registration: how to do MyNairaToBank sign up

To register on MN2B, follow the simple steps below.

  1. Go to MyNairaToBank sign up page ( by navigating to the sign up option as shown below. Register on MyNairaToBank
  2. Fill the form accordingly.
  3. Tick I agree to the terms and conditions
  4. Click on Register

You are halfway done. You are not yet a full member until you upgrade your account to any package you can afford.

  1. Login to MyNairaToBank dashboard
  2. Upgrade your package
  3. Start making money.

Once you do, you will be on your way to start earning.

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Is MyNairaToBank real, legit or scam?

Every projects starts with pure intentions but along the line, things change.

For now, I can not categorically tell you MN2B is scam free or legit. But with what I have seen on the site, people on it seem to enjoy the platform.

DISCLAIMER: This article is only meant to serve as a guide for those who may want to know more about MyNairaToBank. It is not a sponsored post and not to watch the platform down.

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Wrapping up MyNairaToBank income program review

With as little as N1,000, you can join My Naira To Bank and start making money with Facebook in less than a week.

Only those who take massive actions daily wins. Life is a risk. Until you try, you won’t know.

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