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Multi-niche Vs Single-niche Blogging: Which Way?

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Multi-niche vs single-niche blogging: Which should you go for? In this article I shall be telling you my views and other bloggers’ view.

Multi-niche blogging was one of my mistakes when I started out as a blogger. Because then I had many ideas I wanted to share with people, I tried to blog on those ideas. If you must know, dear friend, it didn’t work out. Which made me delete some of my earlier blogs back then.
The sentence, Jack of all trades master of none, is applicable in bloggosphere. You just can’t successfully run a blog on mutli-niche, except…..
As someone who is thinking of starting a blog or has started, you must have been saying that you have many ideas you want to touch. Want to touch lifestyle, Education, Fashions, Gossip, Fitness, Health and so on.
Let’s look at some terms…

What Is A Niche and How Do I choose?

In blogging niche means a particular area you choose to blog on. It is the area you want to be an authority on. Some, out of many niche out there, are Sport, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Health, Personal development and so on. Some niches also have sub-niches. For example, Health niche there can also be mental health, diseases and conditions, health researches etc.

What Is Multi-niche Blogging?

This is a form of blogging in which the blogger randomly write of various topics irrespective of domains. Some of the demerits are; It is not SEO-friendly, not easy to make money and not visitors-oriented.
In the case of single-niche blogging, you focus mainly on a particular niche and dig deep. You will be able to serve your visitors better and can easily convert every visitor to a lead.

How Can I Choose my niche?

Choosing a blog niche is not something difficult to do. Some of the things you may want to consider before choosing your blog niche are; your passion, purposes for blogging, your profession and so on. I have written exclusively on how to choose your blog niche perfectly. Click here to read.

Why Can’t I blog on Many areas?

So many bloggers have made their points on this issue. You must have been wondering why you can’t be a successful blogger  touching many areas. Take a look at blogging as an hospital. There are different Doctors and Nurses for different kinds of patients. You don’t expect a paediatrician to attend to a burns patients.

Just like Robin Sharma said; why go wide when you can really go deep?

Blogging on many niches is likened to a Nurse who wants to be in Theatre, labour room, Psychiatric ward, Children’s ward etc. There is no way such Nurse can be great or successful in all those specialties. He/she will have to choose an area of specialization.
To simply put, if you want to be a successful blogger, want to be an authority etc, you can’t afford to be blogging on many areas. Because you won’t have the time to fully master all the niches you are interested in.
Take a look at those successful bloggers you admire. What’s common between them? They didn’t try to go wide. They spend all their energies in going deep in their various niches and now they are authorities.
Some months ago I was confused too as regards multi-niche blogging. I had many ideas, interests I wanted to blog. My blogs weren’t successful at all because I was jumping from one topic to another. When I contacted owner of Shoutmeloud and one other professional blogger via email to seek their opinion on multi-niche, their replies were;

“Dear SirPhren, if you want to be a successful blogger you have to focus on a particular niche. If you can do this, with time your success is sure.”

What Other Bloggers Said About Multi-niche vs Single-niche Blogging

I belong to a blogger group on Facebook. Someone I assumed to be a new blogger or soon-to-be-blogger asked: Is it advisable if I include many areas in my blog? And some bloggers tried to help him out. Most of the comments were, No, don’t try it.

How Do I narrow Down To One Niche?

What I did in my own case was that I took time to understand and analyse myself. What is my purpose for staying in blogging? What gives me the feeling I want? What will I keep blogging on if I happen to lose AdSense?  What gives me pain and pleasure in blogosphere? My answers to these question made me restructured my empire to this present state.

Some of my interests that are not related to this blog, I share them on other blogs.
List down the niches you love and try as much as possible to pick one you really like. Make your blog design meet the standard of the one you picked, continue blogging, learn more about that niche and let’s go on our way to reaching the peak of being a blogger. #winks


Multi-niche vs single-niche blogging has been dealt with to some extent. The thing is,  if you are going to have more than one niche in your blog, make sure you have authors for each niches. Doing this may cost you money and it may not if you have people that are willing to work with you in blogging.

If you don’t have the means to run multiniche blog, go ahead and pick one niche. Continue writting and with time, you are going to be a force to reckon with in whatever niche you chose.

What is your view about Multi-niche Blogging? Feel free to share with others.
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