Make Money On Opera News Hub: Make N100k Monthly (Easy Guide)

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This is an expository guide on how to write and make money on Opera News Hub in Nigeria without any investment.

In this article, you will know;

  • How people are making money on Opera News hub
  • How to join opera news hub and start writing for money.
  • How to withdraw money on opera news hub

Make money on Opera news hub in Nigeria

If you’d love to get paid to write online in Nigeria, Opera News Hub is your best shot.

If you are a blogger, Opera News Hub is a place you can increase your reach.

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What is Opera News Hub all about?

Opera News Hub is a media platform created in 2019 by Opera to help writers and bloggers make money online and also reaching larger audiences.

Opera browser has over 350million users across the globe and over 120million users in Africa alone. It is a web browser for;

  • Microsoft
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iOS
  • macOS

It was founded in 1994 and later bought in 1995 by Opera software

Opera News Hub is an extension of the popular browser, Opera mini and also connected with the Opera News App.

Opera News Hub Registration: How to join Opera News Hub

You can watch the video or continue reading.

Joining Opera News Hub is easy. Follow the steps below;

  1. Log on to Opera News Hub website here
  2. You will see a page as shown below
  3. To become a content creator, you can either join with your Google (gmail) account or Facebook. But make sure you are already logged to anyone you want to use.Opera news hub registration
  4. If its Google, you will be prompted to login with your gmail. How to do opera hub registration
  5. Select the email you wish to use and it will redirect you to the opera hub again. You will see your profile photo if you have already have it on your gmail.Opera hub country settings
  6. Enter your country or territory
  7. Optimize your profile, username, category, photo and biography.Optimize opera hub profile
  8. Enter your Biodata as shown below
  9. Set up your payment option. You will need Opay account
  10. After all that is done successfully, proceed to confirm your registration and wait for activation.

Username: Name you want to give your blog on Opera News Hub

Category: The category you want to write contents on e.g Health and fitness, Technology etc

Biography: Short note of what your hub will be about.

Write On Opera News Hub: How To Create Articles On Opera News Hub

Before you can post your article on Opera News Hub, you must have logged in/join the hub.

Before you submit your article, make sure;

  • You give a catchy title to your article
  • Your article solves a problem
  • The contents are of good quality
  • Add necessary images

How to start writing on Opera News Hub

  1. Login to your dashboard
  2. Locate the create area
  3. Give a title to your article first
  4. Then write the contents. Use H1 and H2 for necessary subheadings in your contents

How to get your contents approved on Opera News Hub

  1. Avoid copyrighted articles i.e plagiarism
  2. Avoid using clickbait terms in your title such as; Shocking, Surprise, OMG, etc
  3. Don’t write your title in capital letters. Instead, capitalize first letter of each words
  4. Don’t use fullstop in your title
  5. Don’t write on sensitive topics or pornographic
  6. Avoid contents with advertisements
  7. Don’t abuse anyone in your article
  8. Avoid fake news
  9. Avoid grammatical errors.

How long should my article be before it can be approved?

The least number of words an article can have is 150 words. You can write as much as 1000 words. Just make sure you write meaningful contents.

What if I can’t write?

That’s not a problem. If you don’t know how to write or have the time to write, all you have to do is hire a writer.

Imagine you make N10k per article and you pay N3k for it, that’s profit of N7k for you.

How to make money on Opera News Hub

The one and only way you can make money on Opera news hub is writing engaging contents.

That easy? Not really.

Before you can make money, you are expected to know how to write good contents on any topic of your choice.

You do not only make money but also get followers from across the globe.

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How Opera News pays writers

When you join, you will have access to your personal dashboard. In the dashboard, you will see information about numbers of impressions, shares, comments your article have gotten.

Your article generate revenue which can be seen in the monetization section of the website.

Two ways Opera News Hub pays

  1. You get paid for traffic/clicks
  2. Also, you get engagement bonus (N1800). That it, shares + comments on your article. When you have 100 engagement per article, you will get the bonus.

NOTE: How much you can make depends on how useful and engaging your contents are.

Breakdown of you get paid on Opera News Hub

  1. 1 click gives you a bonus of N0.036
  2. 100 clicks give you N3.60
  3. 1000 clicks will give you N36
  4. 10000 clicks will give you N360
  5. 25,000 clicks will give you N900
  6. And so on.

Don’t be scared. Opera News Hub is a platform of over 350million people. You can easily get 100k clicks provided your content worth it.

  • For engagement, you get N1800 per 100 engagements. i.e shares + comments

How and when does Opera News Hub pays writers?

All money earned via Opera News Hub will be in your Opay account. From there, you can withdraw into your local bank account (GTB, Access, Wema, Fidelity etc) and cash them out.

Opera News Hub pays on 15th of every month

How can I make N100k monthly on Opera News Hub?

Its simple. See the calculation below;

If one article earns you N10k and you have 10 articles at least, in a month, that is N10k * 10 = N100k

And am sure, the more you write, the better and more popular you become.

Wrapping up how to make money on Opera News Hub as a writer

I have given you another way you can make money online in Nigeria without a website of your own.

The best and next thing for you to do now is take action. Without action, nothing will happen and you will still be in same position you are and am sure you don’t want that.

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If you find this article useful, please comment below and share with friends.

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18 thoughts on “Make Money On Opera News Hub: Make N100k Monthly (Easy Guide)”

      1. Hello,have been reading through your blog and I came across opera news hub and have register but my account is not activated.does it take long before account get activated

        1. Hi sir, i tried to post an article but it keeps telling me to add a thumbnail.
          I tried to upload a picture but its not working
          How do i go about this?

            1. Please sir, I need your help.
              I have been seeing this for a Long, please what is the meaning of domain or domain name

            2. Sir pls how can I get my opay 11 digit account number to proceed my opera news hub registration? I have opay account already but I don’t know how to link it news hub registration, help me pls.

              1. If you have registered for opay and it is successful, your Opay account number will be the phone number you used, without the first zero.

                E.g if your number is 09030945543, your opay account will be 9030945543.

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