LPV Forum Review: How To Make Money (5k Daily) On LPV Forum

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Make Money Online In Nigeria

Do you want to make money reading news online in Nigeria? You’re in the right place. This is LPV Forum review that will guide you through how to make money on LPV Forum easily.

In this LPV Forum review, you’ll learn;

  • How to register on LPV Forum
  • Whether LPV Forum is legit or scam
  • How to earn on LoadedPenVibes Forum
  • How to submit post on LoadedPenVibes Forum
  • How it works generally

Let’s get started.

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What is LPV (LoadedPenVibes) Forum all about?

LPV Forum is one of the get paid to read news online websites in Nigeria. It works just like other income programs but with little difference.

LPV stands for LoadedPenVibes.

Presently, LPV Forum is one the legit websites to make money online in Nigeria. Since it was founded in the late 2019, LPV Forum has had over 152k registered members.

Who founded LPV Forum?

This LPV Forum was founded and owned by Pynith Limited, a registered ICT firm in Nigeria with Registration Number – RC 1526865 with  the aim of helping Nigerians make money online while they surf the internet.

According to them;

We believe that since it costs money to be online (data, time, energy and phone/laptop), you should also be making Money while online!

Who can join LPV Forum?

Anyone that is interest in making money online can join LPV Forum. It is risky to have only one source of income in a country like Nigeria.

  • Students
  • Bloggers
  • Social media influencer
  • WhatsApp Tv owners
  • Employed
  • Unemployed
  • Etc

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Is LPV Forum legit or another scam?

This is the first question everyone asks once they hear about online income programs. Just as you know that we make our findings before publishing our articles, we have studied LPV Forum and have seen lots of testimonies of people cashing out from the program.

Yes, LPV Forum is legit.

If they stop being legit, you’ll be the first to know.

LPV Forum review

How does LPV Forum works?

LoadedPenVibes is a read news and get paid website in Nigeria. The way it works is that, when you register on the forum and partake in the activities, you get paid.

You get paid for reading news, commenting and sharing sponsored posts.

NOTE: LPV Forum has an app you can use if you don’t want to use browser.


How to get LPV Forum Coupon For Registration

You will need the coupon code to finish up your registration. It costs N1500 and that’s the only fee you need.

LPV Forum Registration: How to do LPV Forum sign up/registration easily

To do LPV Forum registration, follow the simple guides below;

    • Get your coupon code ready. Or continue with the guide below
  1. Go to LPV Forum registration page.
  2. Fill the form and continue your registration
  3. LPV Forum Review
  4. After filling the form, with username, password and all, scroll down and select coupon code.
  5. Paste the coupon code in the space that will be provided. Contact me for the coupon.
  6. Click on REGISTER
  7. If you do the above correctly, your registration will be successful
  8. You will be prompted to enter your bank details and validate.
  9. Boom! You are done.

LPV Forum login

Before you can login, you must already be a registered member. To login,

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  1. go to LPV Forum website and click on the login button
  2. Enter your details and before you say Jack, you are in.

how to make money online free

How to earn/make money on LPV Forum

Remember I said the forum is like every other income programs in Nigeria? See ways to make money on LPV Forum below.

  1. Referral: After your registration and you are a premium member, you will get N1000 per each person you refer and that joins the forum
  2. Daily login: When you login daily to the forum, you get N50
  3. N100 per each promotional video you make about LPV Forum
  4. Comment on posts: When you comment you get N4 for each comment
  5. Share sponsored post: You get N100 for each sponsored post you share
  6. For every article you submit, you get paid N20

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How to earn on LPV Forum from reading news alone (Video Guide)

Watch the video below to learn how to earn on LPV Forum.

How to share sponsored posts on LPV Forum

See a video guide on how to correctly share sponsored post on LPV Forum

LPV Forum Withdraw: Does LPV Forum pay without referral?

Yes, LPV Forum pays without referral. They pay activities earnings in the middle of every month and pay affiliate earnings everyday.

To get paid activities earnings, make sure you take part in the activities and update your social media links especially Facebook.

Also, make sure you put in correct bank details during your registration.

To withdraw your LPV Forum earning,

  • Go to your LPV Forum dashboard
  • Navigate to the withdrawal section and make the request. But don’t forget only affiliate earnings can be withdrawn daily. The rest is middle of every month.

How to increase LPV forum earning

The trick is simple. Do these to increase your LPV earnings.

  1. Join as many Facebook groups as possible and promote the forum there
  2. Make use of your WhatsApp status maximally
  3. Promote it to friends and family
  4. Make use of Twitter, Instagram and other media you are on
  5. Make use of your email contact list
  6. You can also advertise on blogs like Assist Blogger and others.


How to get LPV Forum referral link

You will see the referral link immediately you register as a premium member.

To get your referral link, login to your account, go to dashboard and you will get your referral link there. To make more money on LPV Forum, promote the forum and make sure people register through you.

Imagine if 5 people register through you in a day, that is N5000.

NEW POLICY: You can now withdraw minimum of 3 referrals on LPV Forum.

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Wrapping up LPV Forum review

LPV Forum is another way you can make money with little investment online in Nigeria. Act now and start making your money. Its just N1,500 to register.


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98 thoughts on “LPV Forum Review: How To Make Money (5k Daily) On LPV Forum”

    1. they do
      make sure the articles you read are on the dashboard, those are ones that have been approved
      once you comment you earn and to earn for reading the news click on click to earn and it’ll take you to another page immediately go back and refresh and you’ll be paid.

  1. Hello good afternoon pls I have made comments since yesterday and am yet to be credited with the 4 naira for each comment
    I and my referral are having the same issue

    1. When your post or video is ready, login to your dashboard.

      There should be a place to upload article.

      Then, your article will be reviewed. If approved, you’ll see it published.

  2. Hello,please I just registered yesterday and have comments on at least 5 post and av not been credited with #4
    Please help out

  3. This is very nice, but how can be sure of receiving payment for activity earnings cos a lot of this reading news site like this only pay for referral alone, they just be giving you fake promises. But I’d this can be honest enough to deliver, it will be very good

  4. Bros, I have something very important to discuss with you, can you give me your WhatsApp line? My WhatsApp line is [number hidden]. I want to have a chat with you. Thank you

        1. Affiliate i mean, earnings from referrals.

          Nonaffiliate I mean earnings from activities on the site like reading news, commenting, sharing posts etc.

          I can put you through if you want to join the program

      1. What happening to their site since two days, u can’t comment neither would it load and give u ur money. It not funny anymore and I just registered. What this nah?

      2. I can’t see click here to share on my spornsord post for two times admin pls help me because they said if I don’t share up to 80percent they will not pay me and I have been sharing the post since I registered

        1. Pls u can’t comment again every post has reach maximum limit within 3 minutes I don’t know what is wrong with my account

        2. I have added my Facebook link to the account, read many posts, commented and even shared them to Facebook but am not earning. I don’t know what could be the problem.

        3. Please can I directed chat with you on WhatsApp, I need a website and more over I want to discuss more things with you about business.. You can contact me on [Number Hidden], also my WhatsApp number. Thanks hoping to hear from you

        4. Pls am having an issue…i have added my facebook link to my lpv platform but anytime i share a post on my facebook page i dont get paid..y?

          1. That’s funny. Username is the display name you want to use, like your nickname.

            Email is the email address lpv can contact you with.

            Am sure you have an email and nickname. If not, create them

        5. Hello dapo am a new member of lpv, so I want to earn fast only if u cab help me out, here is my username on facebook wf horlowaiszzy,, I really need someone to put me true

        6. hmmmm
          still thinking of doing this but this problem of not being paid is getting me scared ooo
          I have almost registered

        7. Hello, I joined yesterday and most of the posts I read doesn’t even have where I can earn. I also cannot find sponsored post to share. Pls, help me on how to start earning on this platform.

        8. Hey Dapo, thank you for the information. I’m a new member and I’ve been looking for someone to put me through. But this information is good enough. Thank you once again

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