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Keyword Ranking Beast Review: Is It Waste Of Money?

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Are you a blogger and you just heard about Keyword Ranking Beast? Congratulations! Be happy because when you read my Keyword Ranking Beast review, you are going to get your blog to first page.

Have I told you my story about my blogging journey? I will write about it one of these days.

I actually had some issues with some of my past blogs and one of the issues was not able to rank even a keyword with zero competition.

I sure know how to design blogs, write good contents and apply the necessary seo techniques. But it doesn’t end there. Something was missing because despite these, I still did not rank.

Not until,

I bought a book called Keyword Ranking Beast by Prosper Noah.

Prosper Noah is a Nigerian making money online guy.

Keyword Ranking Beast Review

I have seen updates about the book on his Facebook timeline and testimonies, I thought it was a scam (after all am a blog designer myself and I understand SEO to some extents).

But my brother and sister,

“what you don’t know, you don’t just know it. The best thing is to connect with people that know.” – SirPhren

Earlier this year, I bought the Keyword Ranking Beast at a discounted price because I have vow to myself that this year, I mean business.

A week after I bought it, I scanned through it and forgot about it for a while. (I was still doubting). I picked it up again and read it line by line (even those things I knew before, I read them again).

Let me burst your brain,

This is the second month of the year and I have started getting some of my blog posts in the first, second, third page of Google. Even after I have formatted this blog and started it a fresh.

Keyword Ranking Beast Review

This is possible by following some of the steps I do not know about before that Prosper Noah discussed in the book (Keyword Ranking Beast).

Funny enough, I haven’t tried any premium tools and my blogs DA was merely 13. Imagine if my DA was higher!

My entertainment blog (Memo Naija) doesn’t take long before ranking the songs I uploaded on first page. For a proof, google search; Same God by Dbaow, Shetemi by Collins, Mighty God by Olumba, etc

Importance of DA (Domain Authority)

Domain authority helps ranking of your blog or website on search engines. The measurement is over 100. The higher your DA, the higher your chance of making it to the first page.

Keyword Ranking Beast Review

“The number one problem your blog will have as per ranking is when your blog title is nowhere to be found in the first three pages.” – SirPhren

To Dos if you want to increase your DA

The number one thing that can increase DA is backlink I.e quality links from other websites to your blog. These tell google and other search engine your blog or website can be trusted. You can get backlink via;

  1. Guest posting
  2. Profile registration
  3. Exchange of links with fellow bloggers
  5. Blog directories and even by advertising on other blogs.


Stay connected for my articles on DA, PA and Back links.

To analyze your blog DA, make use of Moz SEO tools (

Before you do the aforementioned things, make sure your blog is added to google search console, bing, yandex etc for proper index and its properly set up for SEO.

How much is Keyword Ranking Beast?

The book costs N15,000 but if there is a promo, you can get it lesser or free (if you are lucky) Prosper Noah may decide to dash you.😁😁😁

You might be missing out some simple tricks.

To contact Prosper Noah, click here to reach out to him.

NOTE: This is not a paid review, so you know how important the book is.

DO NOT FORGET, I can give you the exact blog or web design your blog or website needs. Click here to hire me.

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