Jumblebox Review & Registration: Legit Or Scam? Read This Before You Join

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Jumblebox review & registration

This is the most descriptive guide on the internet about Jumblebox review and all you need to know to be a member of Jumblebox.UK and make money watching video ads everyday.

In this Jumblebox review, you will know;

  • What jumblebox is all about
  • How to register on jumblebox.UK
  • Whether Jumblebox is real, legit or another scam

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NOTE: You can only use Jumblebox on your Smartphone/Mobile device

VIDEO: Review of Jumblebox UK – Registration & Plan Upgrade

If you prefer video to reading, watch the video below to learn everything about Jumblebox.


If you prefer reading, continue below.

What is Jumblebox UK all about?

Jumblebox is a UK-based advertising agency that provides his members access to watch short video advertisements and get paid for doing so.

Users are shown adverts from various top brands and they get paid daily when they watch them. Businesses can also apply to display their adverts on Jumblebox.

According to them;

Our offer is impossible to resist. Which is why we are growing at an unprecedented rate. For every 10 people who read this, a whooping 9 go on to subscribe or publish an advertisement. Isn’t that great?

We can grow together. If your friends haven’t heard about us yet, we offer higher rates for every user you invite to this Program. It’s super easy to invite people and you’ll find out it’s fun being the person who shares the great news about JumbleBox with others. Awesome.

Learn more about Jumblebox here.

How does Jumblebox work?

Jumblebox.UK is in partnership with Instagram and the way it works is so easy to understand. They enable user make money from watching adverts (short video ads) from different top brands globally that are published on the site and on Instagram.

But in order for members to watch adverts, they need have to upgrade to a paid plan. You  can’t watch video neither can you get paid on free plan.

Also, to get paid and pay for any subscription plan on Jumblebox, you need a Bitcoin wallet account. If you are Nigerian, you can quickly install Luno app and set it up.

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Jumblebox Subscription plans

Jumblebox offers the plans below anyone can choose from. Viz;

1). Starter Plan

  • Subscription fee: $10
  • Daily earning: $1

2). Basic Plan

  • Subscription fee: $20
  • Daily earning: $2

3). Max plan

  • Subscription fee: $50
  • Daily earning: $5

4). Pro plan

  • Subscription fee: $100
  • Daily earning: $10

5). Gold plan

  • Subscription fee: $200
  • Daily earning: $20

6). Platinum plan

  • Subscription fee: $500
  • Daily earning: $50

7). Enterprise plan

  • Subscription fee: $1000
  • Daily earning: $100

Mathematically, you get 10% ROI(Return On Investment) daily on any plan you do. Which is cool enough.

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NOTE: You can only get paid if you watch the video ads. Withdrawal will be processed automatically after you watch the videos.



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Jumblebox Registration: How to sign up on Jumblebox

NOTE: before you can do Jumblebox sign up, you need a Bitcoin wallet that has the amount you need for any plan you want to do.

When that is checked, follow the steps below for your Jumblebox UK registration.

  1. Go to Jumblebox registration page
  2. Click on Register button as shown belowregistration of Jumblebox
  3. Fill the registration form accordingly and proceedJumblebox registration form
  4. You will see a success notification.
  5. Before you can start making money on Jumblebox, you need to choose a plan.
  6. Scroll down and click on subscribeSubscription plan of Jumblebox
  7. Follow the instruction and pay with your Bitcoin wallet
  8. When your payment is made, your account will automatically be activated.
  9. Then start earning.

Does Jumblebox offer referral earnings?

Yes, Jumblebox offers referral bonus. When you refer anyone to the program and the person sign up and upgrade his/her plan, you get paid $1 per person.

And, referral is not needed before you can cash out.

How to get Jumblebox referral link

When you are logged in, click on the Profile as shown in the screenshot above. Then you see your referral link. Click on it and it will be copied to your clipboard.

Is Jumblebox legit or another scam?

Jumblebox seem a legit investment company. XYcinews stated out the realness of Jumblebox. They have real office location (check their address on Google map), domain name of 5years duration (its not crashing in the next 3 years), no bank payment and the best of it, you get paid in bitcoin worth of dollar.

You are free to join and make your money. BUT, don’t invest money you can’t afford to lose.

Will Jumblebox last?

The longevity of Jumblebox can not be determined yet. I can’t categorically tell you Jumblebox will last or will not last. We just have to cross fingers and enjoy Jumblebox while it lasts.

Jumblebox Contact Address & Info

Jumblebox Hotlines

US: +1-279-222-0040,
Europe: +44-772-741-5380,

Support Tickets

75 Keppochhill Drive, Glasgow, G21 1HX, UK
983 Drummond Street, Newark, New Jersey, USA,

Social handles
Facebook: https://facebook.com/jumblebox
Messenger: https://m.me/jumblebox
Website: https://jumblebox.uk

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Concluding Jumblebox review & registration guide

This article has simplified for you everything you need to know about Jumblebox.UK from what it means, how to register and if it’s a scam or legit site.

It is now over to you to join and start making money online watching video ads.

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8 thoughts on “Jumblebox Review & Registration: Legit Or Scam? Read This Before You Join”

  1. Please why do you scam people
    I just use all my money to pay for $100 deal and since then the site have never works again , well I will make sure that all this will stop and please if you are the own just return my money or ! Or!

  2. Thanks for the review, I was about registering when i saw this review. Lots of complains about jumblebox, thats a big turn off already.

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