JokosHQ Forum: Make Money & Get Free Traffic To Your Blog

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Make money on JokosHQ forum income

Do you know you can make money and increase your traffic as a blogger by just sharing your blog posts? Yes, you can. JokosHQ forum is simply the way you can do just that.

This JokosHQ income forum will reveal to you as a blogger how to monetize your contents and drive huge traffic to your blog at the same time.

Is JokosHQ Forum legit? Keep reading!

What is JokosHQ Income Stream all about?

JokosHQ income Forum is a content publishing website that was created mainly for bloggers and internet users (readers and writers) in Nigeria to make money online.

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This income program is named after its founder, Prince John Okosun.

It was launched on 7th of December, 2019 by Prince John Okosun. The goal is to increase the average life of every bloggers online.

Benefits of joining JokosHQ forum as a Blogger

As a blogger, the forums we share our contents do not pay us, and the worst, gave us nofollow back links.

JokosHQ will help you as a blogger to increase your blog traffic because you will always have a link back to your blog.

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The links are dofollow which in turn help in shooting up your blog’s Domain Authority. And by sharing contents from your blog, you make money. Can anything be more cooler?

JokosHQ forum registration: How to properly register for JokosHQ Forum

NOTE: To be a premium member of JokosHQ Forum, you need a one-time payment of N1200.

To register on JokosHQ Forum, follow the steps below;

#1. Go to JokosHQ website right away. You will see the registration page with form.

#2. Fill the form as shown in the diagram below and click on Checkout with Paystack.


JokosHQ Forum

NOTE: Your registration will only be successful if you make the payment.

Once your Payment is successful, you will be redirected back. Login and start making money.

Having trouble? Talk To Me!


How to make money on JokosHQ income Program

This is probably the reason you are reading this. See some of the ways you can make money on JokosHQ.

One, it works same way some income programs do.

Two, you get back link and huge traffic at the same time to your blog.

  1. Referral Earning: When you refer anyone, you get 60% of their registration fee. After registration, login to your dashboard, click on Earnings to get your referral link.
  2. Content View Earnings: You share the website’s revenue. So whenever your contents/posts you submitted are viewed, you make money. 72% of the total income.
  3. When you comment, shares posts, view posts, react to posts and even vote, you get paid.
  4. You also get free tokens for every badge or rank you attain.

Can non-bloggers join JokosHQ income stream?

Yes, non-bloggers can join JokosHQ income program. All you need to know is how to write an engaging contents on any topics of your choice and as specified on the website.

Join JokosHQ income stream as a reader today!

How to withdraw JokosHQ Earnings

To withdraw Earnings from JokosHQ income stream, be sure that you have a minimum of N5,000. Withdrawal takes place 27th of every month.

To withdraw Earnings, login and go to your dashboard. Click on Withdrawal and fill the form then wait for response.

Withdraw JokosHQ income stream

That’s all!

Wrapping up JokosHQ review

Traffic, SEO and Monetization are the three major problems bloggers have. With JokosHQ Forum, you are on your way to solving those problems.

Join JokosHQ income stream now and make money, drive traffic and increase your DA.

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  1. I believe you with what i read. But is unbelivable becuase most people die with there gift and talent they will never link there secret of there wealth to others because of there gridness .more grace to your elbo.

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