In 2021 You May Not Be Able To Use WhatsApp If You Don’t Do This

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You may not be able to use WhatsApp in 2021 without agreeing to new terms of service.

WhatsApp new terms of service are likely to roll out by February 8, 2021 and if users do not agree with them, they might lose their WhatsApp data

WhatsApp users might be unable to use the social media platform in 2021 if they do not agree with the Facebook-owned app’s terms of service, according to WaBetaInfo.

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WaBetaInfo says that the Feb 8 date, however, may be subject to change.

By selecting the “agree” option, the user will accept the terms of service and continue to use WhatsApp.

According to WABetaInfo, the social media platform’s update will provide information on how WhatsApp processes user data and how businesses could use Facebook-hosted services to manage their WhatsApp chats.

“If you don’t agree with the changes, you can delete your WhatsApp account within WhatsApp Settings,” the report reads.

Also in the report, WhatsApp has released new updates for Android and iOS that are compatible with a new feature that will help the app to announce specific information.

The in-app announcement feature will be used for purposes like announcing features, changes, news, information — but not for ads, WABetaInfo said.

There is also a rumour that advertisements will be rolled out by February, 2021. Till then, let’s keep all fingers crossed.

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