How To Make Use Of Quidax Peer-2-Peer Market To Deposit & Withdraw

Quidax P2P (Peer-2-Peer) Trading


The wait is over for Quidaxians as Quidax P2P (Peer-2-Peer) is launched.


Well, since CBN happened earlier this year, withdrawal and deposit of funds on Cryptocurrency Exchanges have been put on hold. The only way out has been Peer-2-Peer marketing.


What is P2P(Peer-2-Peer) Trading?

This is simply a form of transaction that is done between two people while the platform it is being done act as the middleman to make sure the transaction is successful.


I.e Say I want to withdraw N10,000 from my Quidax naira wallet. Using P2P means I will just set up an offer to sell my N10,000 in the p2p. Anyone that wants to buy Naira also makes use of the p2p. He sends money to me, Quidax held on to the money. After confirming the payment, I initiate releasing of the N10,000 to the person’s Naira wallet.


Quidax P2P means you can now deposit Naira and withdraw your Naira from Quidax.


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What is the problem with Quidax Peer-2-Peer Trading?

One of the biggest issues with P2P is the security threat of people not knowing who they are transacting with. This is why on Quidax, everyone is required to do level 3 verification before using the P2P platform. This way, you may not know who you’re transacting with but you can sleep easier knowing that your transaction is secure.


How Does Quidax P2P Work?

You can buy Naira on Quidax to fund your Naira wallet, or sell Naira as a way to withdraw and it’s super easy:


Video guide of how to make use of Quidax Peer-2-Peer Market

Watch the video below or scroll down to read the steps.

How to Buy (Deposit) using Quidax P2P


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