How To Make N5000 Daily Referring People To My Money Board Crypto Class

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Make N5000 daily

Do you know you can start making as low as N5000 daily by referring people to My Money Board Cryptocurrency training online?

Ready to make some extra cash? You are in the right place.

You get paid 20% per referral. Refer 5 people daily, get 100% in total (N5,000 – N10,000).

What’s My Money Board about?

MMB is a subsidiary of Alpha Web Agency that focuses solely on teaching financial skills which include; Cryptocurrency Trading, Forex Trading, and Stock Trading together with the sharing of investment tips and Income Program Reviews.

Dapo Obembe - Founder Alpha Web Agency

Dapo Obembe – Founder, Alpha Web Agency

My Money Board runs a membership program for people interested in learning financial skills that is very affordable.

Membership plans on MMB

The plans are BASIC and PREMIUM. See differences below;


  • Costs N5,000 ($10)
  • Membership expires after 30days
  • Renewal fee of N500 every month
  • Can either choose to access My Money Board courses or Alpha Web Agency courses (NOT BOTH).


  • Costs N10,000 ($20)
  • Membership does not expire
  • No renewal fee
  • Can have access to My Money Board and Alpha Web Agency courses

To learn about the cryptocurrency course, CLICK HERE.

Calculation of referral earnings

  1. Basic plan is N5000. 20% gives you N1000. So if you refer 5 people that joined as a basic plan member, you get (5*N1000) = N5,000 earning for you.
  2. Premium plan is N10,000. 20% gives you N2000. So if you refer 5 people that joined as a basic plan member, you get (5*N2000) = N10,000 earning for you.

Imagine if you can refer more than 5 people daily, weekly and monthly. Just imagine!

How to join this referral program

Although we wanted to make it open only to our registered members, but now we want to make it open to all. You can be part of this referral program free of charge.

  1. Join My Money Board referral WhatsApp group (CLICK HERE) for more info.
  2. Invite your friends and tell them cryptocurrency course by My Money Board
  3. Tell them about the Membership Plans
  4. When they are ready to sign up for any of the plans
  5. Connect your friends and tutor on WhatsApp group admin (09030945543 – Dapo Obembe)
  6. When they pay, you get 20% from each person once payment.
  7. You can get paid in Cryptocurrency (LTC or TRON) or Cash.

See the overview of the cryptocurrency course here and share the page with them.

If you are interested in knowing how to trade cryptocurrency like a pro, go ahead and register.


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