How To Make Money On WhatsApp Easily (Best Guide)

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This is a descriptive guide on how to make money on WhatsApp in 2020 (in Nigeria, Africa & anywhere in the world).

In this guide, you will know;

  • Stuffs about WhatsApp
  • How to make money on WhatsApp on your phone
  • How to create WhatsApp Tv and make money with it.

Whatsapp logo

What is it about WhatsApp?

This is a short biography of WhatsApp. WhatsApp was created by WhatsApp Inc. of Mountain View, California, and was in February 2014 acquired by Facebook for US$19.3 billion.

By 2015, it became the world’s most popular messaging application and has over 2 billion users worldwide as of February 2020. It has become the primary means of communication in multiple countries of the world. Read more on Wikipedia.

Two forms of WhatsApp

  1. Normal WhatsApp
  2. WhatsApp business
make money on whatsapp


Can I make money on WhatsApp?

The simplest answer is, YES, you can make money on WhatsApp. I did it, doing it and will continue to do it. You are about to know how.

With some useful skills and passions from you, you can earn money on WhatsApp anywhere in the world so far you have a WhatsApp-enabled mobile device.

How does WhatsApp make money too?

Have you noticed/observed that everything concerning WhatsApp is free? Yes, they are.

Mark Zuckerberg, owner of WhatsApp, once said Ad displacement will be included in WhatsApp but we are yet to see it.

Presently, I don’t think WhatsApp is being monetized by its owner, none that I know of anyways.

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How to make money on WhatsApp

Who wouldn’t want to make money online? No one! There is money everywhere and WhatsApp is not excluded.

Do you want to make money on WhatsApp? See ways to do so below.

Ways to make money on WhatsApp

  1. As WhatsApp marketer for businesses
  2. Affiliate marketer
  3. As WhatsApp tutor
  4. Do personal business on WhatsApp
  5. Drive traffic from WhatsApp to your blog
  6. Giving out job vacancies
  7. Operating WhatsApp Tv

Let me explain them in details one after the other.

Money on Whatsapp

1. How to make money as WhatsApp marketer

One of the best ways to earn money on WhatsApp is as a WhatsApp marketer.

To become a WhatsApp marketer for businesses, you must be a WhatsApp influencer I.e you must be able to pull crowd and have lots of people in your contact list. See how to monetize your WhatsApp status with Digi-Add

Also, you must be able to convince people on your list to take actions based on your recommendations. When the above is checked, you can approach businesses of your interest and let them know what you can do for them.

If you both agree, they may decide to pay you per customer you bring to them or may pay upfront.

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2. Make money on WhatsApp as affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing is the kind of marketing in which an affiliate sells products that belong to the merchant/online stores.

Affiliate marketer is someone who signed up on any business that offers affiliate marketing to promote the products of the business and get certain percentage as a commission from each sales he/she makes from his/her referral link.

To make lots of money as affiliate marketer, you must have a reasonable numbers of friends on your contact list.

Also, make sure you go for hot products. I mean, products people can’t resist.

3. Make money as WhatsApp tutor

Do you have any skill (s) you wish to ass onto others? Do you know how to do anything perfectly?

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If so, you can make money on WhastApp by teaching those skills to interested people.


  1. Create a banner for the class
  2. Create two groups. One for the main class, the other for answering queries from potential students.
  3. Make sure your banner has all necessary information about the course and the class. Most importantly, have a target group for the class.
  4. The fee/price for the class depends on you and duration of the class.

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4. Do personal business on WhatsApp to make money

WhatsApp has two forms and one of them is WhatsApp Business. This form of whatsApp, you can, to some extent, do your business.

Benefits of WhatsApp Business

  1. Section to describe your business
  2. Section to display address, contact and opening hours
  3. Section to display your products
  4. There is also a place to set quick replies and greeting messages to people contacting you for the first time if it happens you are offline.

5. Use WhatsApp to get traffic to your blog

As a blogger, counting on the fact that WhatsApp is one of the most used social network globally, you can get tons of traffic from it daily which amounts to more revenue for you on your blog.

How to get traffic to blog from WhatsApp

  1. Be online regularly
  2. Don’t take contact/followers for granted
  3. Join WhatsApp groups that are relevant and have your audiences
  4. Before posing your blog link on those groups, make sure you offer relevant and useful contributions to people in the group.
  5. Offer to help, contribute more, you will be amazed by how people would love to follow you and read your blog posts.
  6. Always keep your status viewers engaged. Don’t just bore them with your blog links.
  7. Have personal group for blog and connect with your fans.

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6. Make money on WhatsApp by giving job vacancies

The fact still remains that lots of people daily are sourcing for where to get job vacancy updates. People who are already employed and those who are not, are still looking for jobs.

If you have access to job vacancies in your field, you won’t need to beg people to join your group before they do.

How will posting job on WhatsApp bring money?

Companies and advertisers can be paying you to put up their company’s advert on your group.

Do you think a guy who has at least 15 WhatsApp groups majorly for job vacancies will continue doing it for free? NO!

It is also a platform to sell to your group members because they already know you and trust you.

7. WhatsApp Tv can also earn you money

If you must know, guys out there are out there making money seriously on WhatsApp TVs. Imagine collecting N3000/day to advertise a particular  product on your Tv. If you have been wondering how it is done, you will soon know it.

In short, they advertise other people’s products on their TVs and by so doing, they get paid for it. See details about WhatsApp Tv below.

How to Start/Create WhatsApp Tv

This is the simplest guide on how to start WhatsApp Tv in 2020.

What is WhatsApp Tv?

This is a form of mini online TV in which the TV owner post stuffs (funny videos, comedies, memes, jokes, porn, job vacancies etc) on their statuses to keep their contacts engaged, entertained and educated.

What is required to start WhatsAp TV

  1. Good smartphone with cool internal and external storage
  2. Lots of mobile data subscription almost every week
  3. Contact and make sure you always save people’s numbers and make sure they do too with your TV’s name
  4. Constant light to power your device. This is because you need to be online virtually every time. Out of sight is out of mind when it comes to online stuffs.

How to get more viewers for WhatsApp Tv

  1. Tell your friends about your Tv
  2. Add people as many as possible daily to keep your contact list
  3. Talk about your WhatsApp Tv on your other social network handles
  4. Advertise your Tv on other popular Tvs to get more followers
  5. Advertise on popular entertainment blogs

Things to post on WhatsApp Tv

  1. Funny videos
  2. Memes
  3. Comedies
  4. Updates about important events
  5. Job vacancies and lots more

How frequent to post on WhatsApp Tv

While posting on your status, don’t forget people at the other end viewing your status. Don’t overload your contacts with your too many videos, have mercy on your viewers data.

  • Having 5-10 posts daily on your TV isn’t bad

How to make money on WhatsApp Tv

This is probably the main reason you are reading this article to this stage. See ways to monetize WhatsApp Tv below.

Before you can make money on your WhatsApp Tv, you must;

  • Be popular enough: Lots of people must have known you before they can come to you
  • Have lots of views on your status at least 1-3k views daily
  • Be legit and make sure you post stuffs that are legit: If you are not trusted, no one will patronize you.

Ways to make money on WhatsApp Tv

  1. Advertise people’s products and services: Businesses most have known you and probably on your list before they can come to you for advertisement
  2. You can promote your affiliate products on your Tv.
  3. You can display your personal products e.g if you are into mini-importation, write books etc

Can I make money on WhatsApp with Google AdSense?

No, you can’t. Whatsapp is not a place you can have a site or blog, it is not platform being monetized by the owner.

The only way you can make money with Google AdSense is when you have your personal blog or app.

Can I make money on WhatsApp group?

Yes, you can earn money on your WhatsAp group. But the monetization of your WhatsApp group depends on how usefulness of your group and activeness.

And maybe when Mark decides to monetize it, group admins may have a means of seamlessly making money on WhatsApp.

how to make money online free

Wrapping up how to make money on WhatsApp

This article has just shown you various ways you can make money and how people are earning money on WhatsApp. If you have known these, you have known a lot. Take action, and you will be glad you do.

If you love this article, kindly help me by sharing it to your friends and family. I love you too.

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