How To Get Facebook Likes For Free On Your Page [Best Guide]

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Do you know you can get Facebook likes for free on your Facebook business or blog page? Well, I did manage to get close to 100 likes in 4 days on one of my Facebook pages. How cool! This tricks works for anyone as long as you have more Facebook friends on your list.

Have you been searching for;

    • Facebook likes to buy free?
    • Facebook likes on websites?
    • Facebook likes free of charge?

In this article, I will show you how to get Facebook likes for free on your page (how I got close to 100 likes on my Facebook page in 4 days). And how I made use of Linkcollider to boost my page likes.

Now a days, Facebook is making it difficult for Facebook page users to change their page display name (but can change the username with ease). I had to deal with that which was what led me to creating new Facebook page.

Importance of Facebook Page Likes

When you have more than enough likes on either your business page or blog page, you will;

    • Get more visibility on Facebook
    • More people will patronize your business
    • More views on your blog/business website which means more revenue for you

Want likes on your Facebook page? Read on and follow the approaches below.

How to get Facebook likes for free on your page

Before embarking on this trick, I believe you already have your page set up (including the profile images, description and website area).

NOTE: Important requirement for this to work is having a lot of friends on your list and how you have been able to connect with them.

How To Get Traffic To Your Blog👈

First Approach On How To Get Facebook Likes

√ Go to browser and log in to Facebook (if you do have a laptop, make use of it).

√ When logged in, navigate to your page area (the page you want more likes on) and click on the particular page.

√ When the page loads, you will see a section by the right saying invite friends, click on See All Friends.

Get Facebook likes for free

√ When you do this, a pop up page will show. Click on Select All and click on send invites to all just as it is shown in the diagram below.

Facebook likes for free


Will it work?

Let’s say you have 2000 Facebook friends, at least 50 out of that 2000 will see the request at a time and at least, 25 out of the 50 will like your page.

Do this once every week, and you wouldn’t have to beg for Facebook page likes.

Bonus Tip: Add two/three of your friends on Facebook as Admins on your Facebook page and let them do these for you. Thank me later.

Second Approach On How To Get Facebook Likes On Your Page

The second way you can get Facebook likes for free on your page is using Linkcollider. What is Linkcollider?

Link collider is a website that offers free backlinks, free Facebook shares, free likes on Facebook page, rank checker and SEO checker.

When you register on this website, first make use of their free plan. With it, you can still add your website, Facebook page and twitter page for free.

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If you want quality backlinks to your webpage, use Linkcollider.



How to increase Facebook likes with Linkcollider?

There are 2 ways to it. (1) Buy token (2) Earn free token by performing simple tasks such as liking others page, viewing websites, share posts on Facebook and so on.

    • Secondly, submit your Facebook page for it to be like (click on connect website to do that). See diagram below.

Then set the number of token you wish to reward other Link collider users when they like your page.

When you earn enough token, be rest assured to get more Facebook likes and website views. (Guaranteed)

The demerit of this method is, people liking your page may not really be those who needs your services or want your blog contents.

Third Approach On How To Get Facebook Likes Free

The third thing I do to get more Facebook likes and visibility is sharing my blog posts or articles from my blog directly to my Facebook page (You can automatically set it on WordPress. Go to sharing section of your WordPress dashboard), and sharing from my page to other groups that are related to my contents and my wall.

How will this help? When you do it, you will be redirecting your friends to your page and it increases the probability of your page being liked.

Other tricks to get more likes are;

    • Sharing your page link with friends on WhatsApp, Twitter and G+
    • Using your picture as the page cover photo.

I did practice all these approaches and they worked like charm.

Concluding How To Get Facebook Likes For Free On Your Page

The approaches/tricks I shared above are what have been using to get Facebook likes for free on my pages. For a reminder, Select all your Facebook friends and send the request, use Linkcollider and share links personally.

I hope these article helps you get more likes. Do you think it will be helpful to someone? Sharing is caring❤.

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