How To Create Professional Blog On Blogspot With $9.06

Do you want to create your professionally looking blog on blogspot platform with that little amount in your pocket? I will show you how to create professional blog on blogspot with $9.06.

But before I show you, I want you to know some things about blogspot platform.

Create professional blog on blogspot

What is Blogspot all about?

Blogspot or Blogger is a Content Management System (CMS) owned and managed by Google. This CMS is designed mainly for blogging purposes.

Blogspot offers free content hosting for its users plus security (on WordPress, these things are bought). And sincerely, Blogspot is underated.

As a business person, you can blog about your business. If you are passionate about anything and wish to share with the world, you can create a blog for it.

When compared with WordPress (.com and .org), the functionalities WordPress it has differentiate it from Blogspot. One can create any website either online store or blog on WordPress.

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Issues with free blogspot account

These are some of the problems you may have with free blogspot account;

  • Free blogspot account gives you ugly web address e.g which doesn’t sound easy to remember on the part of your visitors.
  • Except you have premium contents, you may find it difficult to see other professional bloggers link back or collaborate with you.
  • Can be terminated at anytime because it is not owned by you (it is just like when I open a subdomain for you on my blog e.g which I can decide to delete anytime I feel like).

But with .com/any other domain extension of your choice, you still own your domain even if google terminate all blogspot accounts which I don’t see happening in years to come.

  • If you stay too long on free blogspot, by the time you get a custom domain, my friend, your domain authority will be back to zero. Why not start with custom domain at the beginning?
  • Advertisers may not be forthcoming and you may not be able to apply for some ad networks.

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How to create professional blog on blogspot with $9.06

Creation of professional blog on blogspot with $9.06 is as easy as ABC. What you need are; (1) custom domain, (2) Good free template and (3) Blogger eBook (the revised edition is on its way).

Your custom domain is what you are going to pay for in all the three things needed.

Where can you buy custom domain?

The best place to buy custom domain of your choice is NAMECHEAP. I have been using them since I started blogging and I will still continue to use them (not only for domain but also for web hosting, SSL etc).

OKEX Signals

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Namecheap offers free Whoisguard privacy, great customer support which many other domain registrar companies lack.


Where to download free blogger template

I have favorite website I use when it comes to downloading free blogger template for my blog works. The best two are;

Themeindie and Gooyabitemplate

Check out other websites to download free blogger template here.

Blogspot eBook: Click here to download free blogspot eBook.

What to do after buying the domain and downloaded the template

  • The first thing to do is create a free blogspot account. Click here to do so.
  • Install the template you downloaded. After installing, you need to edit it to suit your taste. Contact me for that if you find it difficult.
  • Connect your domain to blogspot account. Contact the live chat support or me for help if you find it difficult.
  • Get other necessary things like pages, descriptions, logo, widgets ready and keep blogging.

NOTE: Make sure you follow the steps in the eBook to make it easier.

Wrapping up how to create professional blog on blogspot

To get your blog running the right way on blogspot, you need a custom domain, a good template and a guide on how to set up necessary things (which I have explained in the eBook).

If you need further help, feel free to chat me up on WhatsApp.

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