How Much It Costs To Own A Blog In Nigeria

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This is an expository guide on how much it costs to own a blog in Nigeria in 2020.

In this descriptive guide, you will learn;

  1. What blog is
  2. How to become a blogger in Nigeria
  3. Cost of creating a blog in Nigeria

Lots of blogs or personal websites are created daily in Nigeria today. But, the painful part, not many of these blog owners really know much about blogging let alone the cost of managing a blog.

Let’s get started.

how much it costs to own a blog in Nigeria


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What is a Blog?

In the simplest of terms, a blog is a small personal website where one updates and shares things that interests him with the rest of the world. It is just like a mini website.

Blog Vs Website: There is no much difference between the two. Frequency of posts, comment section/engagement differentiate a blog from a website.

Although, it is not uncommon to find that some websites have blog sections built with them.

All blogs are websites but not all websites are blogs.

Types of Blogs

There are certain types of blogs you should be concerned with. They are;

  1. Personal Blogs
  2. Niche Blogs
  3. Business Blogs
  4. Affiliate Blogs

What is Blogging?

Blogging is simply the process of running and managing your blog to serve its purpose of creation. The writing and updating of a blog is blogging.


How much it Costs to own a blog in Nigeria

Now that you know what a blog is, types of blog, continue reading to know the cost of setting up a blog in Nigeria.

Before we delve into the cost of having a blog, let’s have a look at the things needed to set up a website/blog in Nigeria.

start a blog

Things needed to set up a blog in Nigeria

To have a professional website or blog created in this new decade, you need;

  1. Host account: This is provided by web hosting companies. They provide you with a server space where all your website/blog content is stored so that it can be accessible to anyone from anywhere at anytime in the world.
  2. Custom domain: This is your address on the web. It is where your visitors go to when they want to access your contents or buy from you.
  3. Theme (Premium/Free version): This means a pre-designed template you can build your website or blog on.
  4. Website designer (if you don’t know how): Website designer will help you set up your website or blog accordingly as you want IF you don’t know how to. Want to learn how to create a WordPress blog? Click here.

NOTE: The fees for the host and domain will be renewed every year.

Cost of having a website or blog in Nigeria

The cost depends on the things you need for the website or blog, which are; host account, custom domain and Theme. And also, how complex and sophisticated you want the blog to be.

Cost of Host account in Nigeria

The Nigerian host I recommend is DomainKing. A shared hosting account on DomainKing costs as low as N5000/year including free domain and 2gb disk space. And you can also get host with more disk space (10Gb, Unlimited space on DomainKing). BUY YOUR HOST ON DOMAINKING HERE.

On Namecheap, least shared hosting account costs $17.88/year with 20gb disk space that can host 3 websites.

Cost of custom domain name in Nigeria

The only extension of domain name I recommend for a personal website or blog is .com and it costs N3800/year on DomainKing. It is $9.06 on Namecheap. Although, there is a rumor .com domains will cost more. So you better hurry!

Cost of premium WordPress theme

If you’d love to use a premium theme for your website or blog, the cost depends on the kind of theme you want. Go to Themeforest to search for themes based on your blog purpose/category. It may be as low as $49 or less and as high as $150 or more. You can also check out some free wordpress themes on

Cost of hiring website designer in Nigeria

Hiring me to design your website is affordable. For a small blog, I do it for as low as N20,000 including custom domain (.com) and 10gb disk space. Hire me now to get 10% discount.

Total amount it costs to own a blog in Nigeria in 2020

  1. Hosting account: N5000 – N15,000 for 2gb -10Gb disk space (recommended for small blog with low traffic). You can upgrade later
  2. Custom domain name: N3800
  3. Theme: If its premium, budget N15-20k or you use free theme and change to premium later.

TOTAL: N9,000 without premium theme will help you set a small blog with 2gb disk space in Nigeria on DomainKing. It costs more on Namecheap and others.

If you don’t know how to design it, you will have to add that to your budget. You will be taught blogging and given free design by me.

How to create WordPress blog in Nigeria with a mobile phone (2020 guide)

Do you want to learn, step by step, how to create a professional site with just your mobile phone? Then this Assist Blogger Academy course, how to create Professional WordPress site with phone, is right for you.

How can you access? With just N5000, you will have premium access to all the courses on Assist Blogger Academy.

Wrapping up how much it costs to own a blog in Nigeria

In this article you have learnt what it can cost you to own and manage a blog in Nigeria. Now that you know, if you haven’t a blog or website in this era, you need to have one for your brand or business. And am right here if you need my help.

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