How I Rank Blog On Blogspot (Blogger) Easily (With Case Study)

Do you have your blog on Blogspot (Blogger) platform? Do you find it difficult to rank blogspot on search engines? Or have you been told you can’t rank blogger blogs? If your answers is yes, then you are in the right place to learn how I rank Blog on Blogspot (Blogger)¬†with ease.

How do I rank my blog on Blogger?

Some blogger blog users have been worried about how to rank blogger blog on Google. Some even deleted their blogs and stopped blogging. This book shall provide you help on;

  • How to rank blogger blog
  • How to rank your blogger blog on Google


Rank blogspot blogs

How I Rank Blogger Blog Easily

In December 2018, some guy wrote on his Facebook timeline that it is hard to rank Blogspot blogs. That statement struck me hard and I picked up my Mastercard to get a new domain on NameCheap (www.MemoNaija.Com) to really check if he was right.


Experiment begets discovery.

In this short book, I will show you step by step how I was able to rank a blogspot blog on Google first page, Bing, Yandex and Baidu before I sold it.

If you still Google search some of the keywords I wrote on the blog before I sold it, be sure to find them on the first page.

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Blogger blog ranker

The blog in focus is How many Blogspot blogs can do that?

What you will learn from this Blogspot ranking eBook

You will learn;

This book shall be free for my clients (those I designed blogspot blogs for), free for others too, from now till 23rd of August 2019. After that, it will be for sale.

How I rank blogspot blogs on Google

Before you move on,

I want you to know that: Ranking on Google and other search engines has nothing to do with your platform (WordPress, Blogspot, Wix etc), it only has to do with how well you know your SEO techniques. Although, WordPress makes it easier still, you need to be good with your SEO tricks.

How To Access How I Rank Blog on Blogspot To Rank Blogger Blog

Are you determined to rank your Blogspot blogs? This book has got everything you need to take your blogger blog to next level. To access this book, use the link below.


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  1. Hi looking forward to read your book I had this blogger for quite some I get traffic but nothing mind-blowing. I will give you feedback on my progress. Thanks Dapo

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