Has LPV Forum Crashed? See The Answer Here

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I have been receiving lots of private messages from people who are into LPV Forum and those who want to join. There questions they asked majorly is; has LPV Forum crashed?

In this article, I will be shedding light on the LPV Forum and let you know if it has crashed or still working well.

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Has LPV Forum crashed?

Presently, I can’t say LPV Forum has crashed. But some bad guys dealt with them and it affected the activities on the site.

Although they claimed it was hacked, the site is still working fine. The only thing disabled on it is their login and registration pages.

According to LPV Forum admin, LPV Forum website was hacked on 21st of June, 2020. They actually tried everything in their power to restore it.

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See what they said below;

On 21st June 2020 at about 2:40 pm, our database came under attack from hackers who have been on our trail for long. Unfortunately, they brought down the website and made away with sensitive files. We attempted restoring the site at about 7:00 pm same day, yet we met another stiff resistance from the hackers. They brought it down a second time in 6 hours and succeeded in distorting our database.

Since then, our technical team have been working round the clock and have been able to recover some files. However, some very important part of the database that was carted away by the hackers is still inaccessible.

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Some of us may be asking questions like ‘why didn’t you guys secure the system’? Truth is, every website on the web is vulnerable to hackers’ attack including sites of Government Agencies and Parastatals including bigger sites like Google, Facebook, Instagram etc. History have proven that these attacks ends up strengthening the attacked security wise. Be well assured that we have put in place more sophisticated security measures.

Meanwhile, we have instituted legal action in an FCT Court of competent jurisdiction inline with our terms and conditions.

As clearly stated in the notices we sent on both our Facebook and Telegram group pages, we are open to negotiation so as to get the site fully back.

We deem it UNPROFESSIONAL and UNETHICAL to open the login page at this recovery stage since it is incomplete. The login will be fully opened when recovery is complete.

However, due to clamor from members who feel that their source of daily bread is out for too long. Also looking at the fact that “time na money”.
Management have launched a new income website and they call it, LPVFORA.

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About LPV Fora

LPV Fora has some description and mode of operation just as LPV Forum.

  1. Sign up bonus: 300
  2. Sharing of Sponsored post 100
  3. Daily log in: N50
  4. Clicking of articles or reading NEWS is 4 per article
  5. Referring N1,500 (not compulsory) which is the most interesting part
  6. Registration is N2,500 (No risk, no reward)

They presently operate LPV Flora on www.masteryourway.com and www.lpvfora.com.

Mode of cashing out on LPV Flora

Minimum earnings for withdrawal is #2000 for referral earnings and #1000 for non referral earners(LPV ACTIVITIES POINT). Withdrawal for Activities done twice a month.

Hurry now and register with just N2,500

They also said;

NOTE: LPVFORA will function independently. LPVFORA and LPVFORUM are not the same. They both have their rules and terms.

Upon successful recovery of LPVFORUM which we are expecting soon, the both platforms will function independently so members can run the two at the same time.

NOTE: It is not compulsory for everybody to signup to LPVFORA, it is completely optional. Its only for those who believe in our vision and what we represent.

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Should you go ahead to do LPV Fora?

I have made further research on LPV Forum, MasterYourWay and LPVFora. I noticed the domains were bought for just a year duration. LPVfora.com was bought on the 26th of JUNE, 2020, lpvforum will be expired in couple of months. These make me think twice in recommending the program.

They plan to move from masteryourway to lpvfora.com when they have adSense approved on it.

Assist Blogger isn’t recommending LPV Fora to you nor badmouthing them. If you are going to join, be sure you are doing so at your own risk.

What do you have to say on LPV Forum not working? Drop a comment below.

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