Giftalworld Income Program: Make Money (5k Daily) With Giftalworld Daily

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Giftalworld income program

This is a descriptive guide on Giftalworld Income Program – how to make money daily, weekly and monthly to read news on Giftalworld.

In this guide, you will know;

  • What Giftalworld is about
  • Who founded Giftalworld
  • How to do Giftalworld Registration
  • How to earn more money on Giftalworld
  • How to withdraw your earnings on Giftalworld

Nowadays you do not need to have a website or blog before you can make money online in Nigeria. This article deals with Giftalworld Income Program review – Giftalworld registration, login and how to withdraw on Giftalworld.

ATTENTION! Get Referrals Hacker Pro for free from me when you register with my referral link.

Are you a student, employed, unemployed, blogger? Giftalworld income program is for you. You can make your side income from it and be better of than your peers.

What is Giftalworld Income program about?

Giftalworld is a CAC-registered Nigerian online making money program founded by Raji Ibrahim in 26th of October, 2018. Giftalworld is a place you get to make money by reading news online, commenting, referring, and by sharing sponsored posts on social media.

Giftalworld is like other online making money platforms but unique in its own way. Want to make money online reading news with little investment? Giftalworld is a place to start.

Giftalworld celebrated his one year of existence on October 26th, 2019 and lots of things happened.

THE REGISTRATION FEE FOR GIFTALWORD IS N3,000. Let me help before you make a mistake.

How does Giftalworld income works?

Giftaworld is a get paid to read news online program in Nigeria and like every other income programs, it works same BUT with some differences. Giftalworld pays its registered members when they join/register, daily login, referring people to the platform, reading news, commenting and sharing of sponsored posts.

How is it different from others? Giftalworld registration is the highest in Nigeria and they immediately credit the members when their registration is successful. Also, they organize raffle draw worth N100k and other bonuses.

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Is Giftalworld legit, real or scam?

It is not uncommon to find out eventually that some income programs such as HIWAP income is a scam. We have studied Giftalworld income program and found no shady activities about them.

Yes, Giftalworld is legit 100%.

To join, all you need is N3,000.

WARNING: Don’t contact me if you are not ready.

Giftalworld income registration

Giftalworld Registration Now Is N3,000

Giftalworld Registration: How to do Giftalworld sign up

Without wasting time, you should go ahead with Giftalworld registration steps.

  1. Go to Giftalworld Registration PageGiftalworld Registration Page: Fill the form according and click on Register. Take note of your Username & Password.
  2. Then get in touch with the activation code seller. Pay for it and get your code. I can help you out.
  3. Login to Giftalworld with your username and password. Click on the menu icon in your dashboard, you will see a place to paste the activation code. Paste it and click verify. Done!

To do your registration, follow the steps below;

Step #1. Log on to Giftalworld website right away. Once you get there, fill the form accordingly. Name, e-mail, phone, username and password and click on Register.

Step #2. When you are done with step one above, you will see the screenshot below. Giftalworld activation code

Step #3: Click on Apply activation code. When you click on it, you will see the screenshot below.Giftalworld registration activation code

Step #4: The final thing is the activation code. Contact me to help you get the activation code.

How to get Giftalworld activation/coupon code

The coupon/activation code is the string of characters you will need during Giftalworld registration.

It costs N3000 and you will buy it from Giftalworld activation code trusted vendor.

ATTENTION! I can help you set up your Giftalworld account and teach you how to refer people. CLICK HERE

WARNING: Don’t contact me if you are not ready.

Step #5: Once your registration is successful, you will need to login to your dashboard and you earn 3000 GAS registration bonus.

You will get bonus of 3000 GAS points immediately you’re registered fully


Giftalworld login & dashboard

Remember, you can only login if you have registered as a paid member.

Step #1. Go to Giftalworld website, click on MY SHOP in the menu, select MY ACCOUNT.

Step #2: Enter your username and password and boom, you are in your dashboard.

Giftalworld Dashboard

This is your Giftalworld Dashboard


Ways to make money on Giftalworld income program

There are number of ways you can make money on Giftalworld. See them below;

  1. You make money from Giftalworld affiliate. It is N1600 per referral
  2. You make N100 when you login daily
  3. You make N100 when you share Giftalworld sponsored post
  4. You make N100 from sharing daily campaign advert
  5. You earn N1000 worth of Airtime from alert testimonies with best caption
  6. You make N20 from each post you read
  7. You make N20 from each reasonable comment

Giftalworld Referral Bonus is now N1,600

How does Giftalworld pays?

Giftalworld income program pays in two ways. And yes, referral is not a must before you can cash out.

  1. Giftalworld payment with referrals: GW pays members once they accumulate at least 4 referral bonuses daily directly into their banks.
  2. Giftalworld payment without referral: GW pays members without referrals 27th of every month once they have up to N15000 in their dashboard, which is equal to 15,000 GAS points.

What is Giftalworld GAS & GAF?

GAS earnings are Giftal Ads shares generated from our Advertising partners.

Giftalworld shares to members part of the revenue made every 2 weeks or monthly. So, they deduct all eligible members GAS Earnings. As far as you have a share in our Revenue all your Earnings will be wiped.

GAF is the revenue you generated from referring people to join Giftalworld.

How to convert Giftalworld GAS to Naira

NEW POLICY: 1 GAS is equal to N1. Read more about the policy here

In simple mathematics, 15,000 GAS points can give you N15,000. Within one week, you can get the 15,000 GAS points.

But note, it is advisable to have more than 15k GAS to increase your chances of getting paid.

How to withdraw Giftalworld money

I know you have been waiting for this. There is something you first need to do.

Follow the CEO on Instagram: @mr_ebright

Once you follow, go to dashboard and navigate to profile and make sure it is updated, together with your bank details.

When it is time to convert GAS to Naira and withdraw, you will know.

Use Your GAS For Giftalworld Online Courses

Giftalworld CEO, Raji Ibrahim, on his Instagram page revealed new innovations for his members. This is to help GAS earners make optimal use of their GAS earnings for something better.

See the update below;


View this post on Instagram


Introducing Giftal Online Courses . We discovered Many people complained Of less Values On Gas Point . Now we are coming up with Great and Amazing solutions for our users. Instead of Paying money to Outsiders to teach you some knowledge you need online . We are partnering with Different Expert in many fields . Currently we have sealed deal with . 1. Professional Graphic designers 2. Mini importation Expert 3. Soap and cream makers 4. Digital Marketers . 5. Web designers. We are still looking forward to bring you more and more Expert in Many fields as much as Possible. We don’t want you to be going out to spend lots of money to learn this courses , with your Giftal Gas point you can achieve all with no money from your pocket. Normally it will cost you N100,000+ to learn but we will help you guys make it accessible and cheap with the help of our GiftalGas Giftal Gas will be our own official Electronic Currency 💴, stay tuned just give us more time trust me you’ll forever be grateful . More solutions ahead , ☀️🌟❤️🔥👍. #Giftalsolutions #Ebsol #Ebrightsolutions

A post shared by Raji Ibrahim Babatunde (@ebrightking) on

WARNING: Don’t contact me if you are not ready.

Also navigate to payment section and set it up accordingly.

Finally, always check mr_ebright Instagram page for updates.

How to get Giftalworld referral code?

To refer is simple. All you need is your unique referral link.

To get, go to your dashboard, click on referral >> click on referral link and then click on generate link.

You can share it on social media and even partner with a blogger to help you out in their posts.

How to withdraw Giftalworld Referral (GAF) Earnings

NOTE: You can only withdraw your GAF earning f you have at least 4 referrals. That’s N6,000 because Giftalworld pays N1,500 per referral.

The good thing is, you can withdraw it daily as long as you have at least 4 referral.

To withdraw,

  1. Go to your account area
  2. Click on the menu icon
  3. Click on wallet and select wallet withdrawal
  4. Make sure your profile is filled properly
  5. Enter the bank account details
  6. Wait for alert.

Giftalworld testimonies

See the testimonies for yourself below;

Giftalworld testimony

Giftalworld income testimony

Make money on Giftalworld

Can foreigners join Giftalworld?

Yes, foreigners (people outside Nigeria) can now join Giftalworld media concept and make money too…. Directly into their bank account.

With flutterwave payment gateway, PayPal & Bitcoin, payment can be made anywhere in the world.

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When will Giftalworld stop working?

Giftalworld Income Program has come to stay. We do not see it going out of operation anytime soon.

Be rest assured to make your money with them.

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Wrapping up Giftalworld income program review

We have just given you, one out of many legit ways you can make money online by just reading news, referring people and commenting.

If you do not act now, the only thing that happens to your financial life is that it will keep getting worse.

WARNING: Don’t contact me if you are not ready. If I don’t register you, don’t come to WhatsApp with problem. Drop your questions in the comment below.

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89 thoughts on “Giftalworld Income Program: Make Money (5k Daily) With Giftalworld Daily”

  1. 1. please how do i update my facebook profile link
    2. i also have someone that i want to register who has sent her N2500 and i want to purchase the coupon code, so how do i go about it?
    3. how do i get my referral link cos i have checked on my dashboard, i cant see anything like marketing.
    waiting for your reply.

    1. 1). Go to your profile, edit and change your Facebook profile.

      2). On Giftalworld site, there are numbers if people you can buy coupon codes from. When you buy it,

      3). Give the person you want to register your affiliate link or you do the registration for her using different browser.

      Hope these help

      1. Please wealthy people, i’m a registetrd member of Giftalworld. I register for over a month now though l have not be paid yet. But the issue i’m having for the past days now is that i’m unable to login, it will shows page not available. Pls i need help, my money ooooo

      2. My name is Tobiloba I also registered for giftalworld Buh I made a mistake in my email address please how can I go about that??

      3. Hello , what is the minimum cash out if I chose to do other activaties rather than refferal ?

        And is there a target like , I must meet up with a particular amount within some specific days or can my earnings be there till when ever I get to the MINIMUM threshold or minimum cash our level .?

            1. Immediately you register and login, you will see the sponsored post for that particular scrolling in the header section.

              Click on it, you will see guides on how to share it.

                1. I registered since January buh I have not been active…. I just became active yesterday after I saw testimonies….. Is it still going to pay me cod I haven’t shared sponsored post since then.

                2. I joined the platform on the 2nd of this month. I’ve accumulated about 200,000 GAS points. How much can that convert to Naira? Thanks

                  1. Please how were you able to do that. I also started at the beginning of this month but nothing to show for it. please help

                3. Good evening. Please when I read news and i go back to check my GAS, i don’t see my points being added up and sometimes there’s no new news to read. Why is that so?

                    1. The person that registered me made a mistake in my email address. .he started it with capital letter instead of small letter all through. .will this affect my payment

                    2. Please I can’t login into my account since yesterday… What is the problem?? I hope is not just what I am thinking after all my struggles n sleepless night… You guys should do something biko

                            1. Hello good afternoon, whenever I am reading news after a while my points stops increasing and yes I am logged in and is it that it must be today’s news or I can read previous news and still get points?

                          1. I went to edit profile to check profile details to be sure, but nothing was changed, i click on done, i hope no problem?

                          2. Please I’ve been trying to generate my referral link so I can refer people, its saying it’s successful but it’s not bringing out my link, what myt have gone wrong? I’ve tried it more than 20 times today.

                              1. Hello!
                                Good morning
                                Actually I don’t have a good phone to access the social media platform to share post. But my GAS presently is 100,000. Hope it wouldn’t affect me coz the only thing I do is just in reading news only.

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