EasyShopen Review: How I Make $100 In Less Than 3 Days Shopping Online

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Hello and welcome to Easyshopen review.

Easyshopen income program is the new hot income program presently in NigeriaNigeria. Easyshopen is an ecommerce website where you earn easycoin buy shopping online and you can use it to buy electronic products and ship to your doorstep in Nigeria with one time payment!

This article will answer you question on;

  • How to sign up on Easyshopen
  • How to use invite code on Easyshopen
  • How to earn free easycoin on Easyshopen

Sit back, relax and enjoy my Easyshopen review and how I make $100 in less than 3 days directly into my bank account.

What is easyshopen.com all about?

Easyshopen.com is an online marketplace for buying of electronic products like, television, mobile phones, laptops and computers, home appliances, itunes gift cards, amazon gift card, googleplay gift card and other gadgets etc.

Easyshopen allows you to shop for free by earning coin, this coin is called easycoin, which is used to shop for products on Easyshopen.

Is Easyshopen legit?

Easyshopen.com is founded by Mr Victor Omos and is registered under C.A.C as EASYSHOPEN ONLINE MARKET PLACE C.A.C Reg NO: 2630697.

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How to register on Easyshopen.com

To register for this program, follow the steps below;

Step #1. Click here and log on to Easyshopen website

Easyshopen review

Step #2. Click on the menu icon (if you are on mobile) and select Register. Fill in the details and a take note of your password. Then click on Next

Step #3. You will see a page to enter your name as it is on your bank account, Phone number, WhatsApp number, Upload your profile picture and then where to put invite code (960047671) as shown below.

Make money shopping on Easyshopen

When on this page as shown above, scroll down to fill in the details. Before you proceed with step 4, you must have made payment of N2500 to the account as shown above.

Step #4.  When done with step 3, Click on I Accept.


You can now start shopping and inviting other people. How sweet! Chat me up if you face any issue.👇


NOTE: You need to make a payment of N2500 before your registration can be accepted. After that, you can shop free on Easyshopen.

Ways You Can Earn Coin (Easycoin) On Easyshopen

1. You can get easycoin by purchasing/buying any easycoin card you need on easyshopen.com

2. You can earn free easycoin by inviting your friends and family to register on easyshopen and start shopping for free.

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How To Earn Free Coin On Easyshopen

You can earn free 300easycoin on easyshopen by inviting family and friends or anyone around by sharing your invite code number on whatsApp, twitter, facebook or through emails.

Learn How To Trade Cryptocurrency

Every user has his/her own invite code number when they register. You can also buy any easy coin pack to shop online.

NOTE: Before you can earn free 300 easycoin, you need to use my invite code 960047671

How You Earn Coin When You Invite Someone To Register On Easyshopen To Start Shopping For Free

  • When you register using my unique invite code number, you earn free 300easycoin.
  • When you register someone else too and the person uses your invite code number, you earn free 300 easycoin.

Start sharing your invite code to your friends and family, both you and your friends and family earn free 300easycoin together.

NOTE:  Inviting or referring is optional. Use my invite code: 960047671

The big secret of Easyshopen

Do you know without referring or inviting anyone with your invite code number you can still get free easycoin? Your easycoin increases daily, because;

1. As people register on easyshopen.com without your invite code number you get rewarded with free easycoin.

2 . As people purchase products on easyshopen.com you also get rewarded with free easycoin.

3. As registered member view product frequently you get free easycoin token.

They are lot of people using easyshopen.com so as they use it to shop or invite others using their invite code you get rewarded with free easycoin which you can accumulate to purchase what ever you want, if you can use your invite code number to get people to register you can accumulate a lot of easycoin, so it’s up to you.

Easyshopen shopping market in Nigeria

Is Easyshopen income program free to use?

It is free to use! But if you want to buy physical products that will be shipped to your doorstep, you need a one time payment of N2500.

If you want to make money shopping on Easyshopen, you need a one time commitment of N2500.

See my proof of payment from Easyshopen below

Yesterday I purchased $50 itunes gift card twice and I still got rewarded with 500 easycoin extra because new members came in and also people shop online so I got a free reward of 500 easycoin without inviting anyone with my invite code number.

Proof of payment of Easyshopen

If you want to keep waiting it’s up to you, the smart ones should take advantage without me inviting anyone I still make my money from getting free easycoin and buying free itunes gift card.

While writing this review, I got a notification of new payment because people are using the website. See below.

Easycoin, Easyshopen website

Wrapping up Easyshopen review: How I make $100 In Less Than 3 Days

I have just shown you am currently making money with this new income program in Nigeria. With this my Easyshopen review, I hope you too start making money and stop wasting time on social media typing Amen.

Don’t forget, my invite code is 960047671. Hurry before hungry youths bombard it.

With this Easyshopen income program, you can earn free iTunes card free of charge and use it for further purchase.

Have any question, chat me up on WhatsApp now.

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