Cheap Blog Design: I Will Design Blog At Low Cost For You

No matter how harsh the economy can be, you can still get started on your passion, you can still get a cheap blog design at Assist Blogger Academy.

I am Dapo Obembe and am currently doing cheap blog design in this month of March, 2019 for as many people as possible. I design Blog, Web and I teach blogging, both online and offline. I have two blogs and they are both doing fine. I understand what am doing, so you need not to worry!

You do not have to wait any longer. Get up now and get started. Someone else is having that dream you have. It may be too late if you dream too long.

Categories of Cheap Blog Design By SirPhren

1). Self Hosted Blog: This is a blog that is opened on It will require to have; Hosting account, Custom domain, Premium theme (optional). This type of WordPress is better than the usual accounts (based on experiences).

If you need this kind of blog design, it will cost you N15,000 (that’s 50% OFF my number charge) and i will make sure everything is done properly.

2). Blogspot Blog: I can help you design a professional looking, responsive blog on Blogspot (popularly called Blogger) at the cheapest of price. What you need is just Custom domain and you are good to go.

OKEX Signals

Click here to buy your domain now or let me buy for you at $9.06/year.

This type of blog design will cost you N8,000 (that’s 30% normal price). I have designed several blogs on Blogspot for myself and others.

Cheap Blog Design Requirements

I will need these from you;

  • Sample of any blog you like that you want yours to look like.
  • Contents on About the blog and About you, contact address, and Disclaimer.
  • Social media handles
  • Your logo

What do this Cheap Blog Design covers?

I will not only design it for you,I will also stay with you for 3 months and teach you some important things you need to know about blogging (and I bet if other blog designers can do these).

You can buy your domain now (using the widget below) to secure it. I also have two domains on ground, if you care to have them.

To opt-in for these services, Chat me up on WhatsApp (click here) or drop a comment below and let’s discuss further. Waiting for you…..


Hurry, this promo won’t last forever!!!

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