Changes Made To Blogger (Blogspot) Dashboard By Google

Dear Blogspot users, I hope you have seen the changes made to Blogger (Blogspot) dashboard about a month ago. If you have not, don’t be scared. The changes to blogger come with no harm.

It is not uncommon that some Blogspot users do not have full understanding of how Blogger dashboard works. Some have even not checked their dashboard in a very long. Blogging apps won’t help you like using browser will. See my eBooks on Blogspot here

When did Google made changes to Blogger dashboard?

We actually should have notified our Blogspot users before, but the Blogging Class we were having took our time. For about a month now, Google made some changes to Blogspot and I personally found them interesting. If you are new to Blogspot, you would have already gotten used to it.

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Will the changes to Blogger dashboard affect you?

The changes made to Blogger will never in any way affect your blog. So you do not have to worry about any problem. Know the changes and get used to them. The changes are to help you have a better, easier understanding of Blogspot and also make it easy for you to navigate.

What are the changes made to Blogger (Blogspot) dashboard?

The changes are as follow:-

Statistics section

The stat section has changed from how it was before. Now, you can get all the activities on your blog in one page and you can also connect your Google Analytics account to blogspot, which means you can directly manage your blog analytics right inside your Blogspot dashboard. See the screenshots below:-

OKEX Signals

Theme section

Luckily for you, you can now edit your blogger template successfully with your mobile device. This is easier for you if you use a device of 7inches and above. These are ways to navigate the theme section. See the diagram below:-
Changes made to blogger (blogsspot) dashboard
When you want to install a new template, from the diagram, click on the 3 dots, you will see Restore from the options it will bring. Click on Restore. When you do, it will pop up a way for you to choose the xml file of the template from your device. Once you select it, upload it and boom, you are done.
Blogger dashboard
How to edit template. To edit your template, from the diagram above, click on edit HTML. It will take you to the HTML section. You can do it with either your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. When you make whatever changes, remember to save. DO NOT FORGET TO BACKUP BEFORE MAKING CHANGES.

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How to set up mobile and desktop view: When you install new template, it will be in mobile view. If you want to activate the desktop view to also show on the mobile device, click on Mobile Settings as shown in the diagram above. From the diagram below, click on Mobile if you want to show the desktop version on mobile devices.

Activate desktop version on mobile devices

When you are done, click save and you are done.

Wrapping up changes made to Blogger (Blogspot) dashboard

These are the changes Google recently made and I hope you found them lovely. Good thing, you don’t have to wait for laptop before you make changes to your Blogspot template.

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