AtPays Review: Is It Real, Legit Or Scam? Read This Before You Join

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AtPays income program

Welcome to AtPays review. This descriptive guide will talk on AtPays income forum, if it real, legit or scam and how to do AtPays registration easily.

In this review of AtPays, you will know;

  • What AtPays is about and full meaning of ATPAYS
  • How to sign up on AtPays
  • Whether AtPays is real or not

What is AtPays Income Forum all about?

AtPays (Activities That Pays) with the URLs & redirected to each other is a blogging site that was created and registered under the Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC) with registration number 3049754.

Atpays income is an affiliate site that provides news to all its users and share money made from the ad networks placed on the site.

As at the time of this review, AtPays has had over 156k members. AtPays uses as the home website address and uses for other pages.

Atpays review


How does Atpays income work?

Just like every income programs in Nigeria (Giftalworld, LPV Forum, Sunbiz Forum, Newsnaira etc), Atpays also is a get paid to read news website that has been for a while.

The way Atpays works is similar to every other income websites in Nigeria but with some uniqueness.

Atpays pays for Affiliate earning, registration bonus, daily login, post submission, coupon vendor, sharing sponsored posts weekly quiz and giveaway and what have you.


How to make money on Atpays Forum

The ways to earn more money on Atpays are as follows;

  1. Atpays Affiliate Earning
  2. Atpays Activities Earning

Atpays pays 67.5% as referral bonus for each person you referred to the site.

Atpays Activities Earning are highlighted below;

  1. Registration bonus = 100 Atpays Activities Points (AAP)
  2. Daily login = 100AAP everyday
  3. Reading news = 3AAP per news you read
  4. Article submission = 100AAP
  5. Sharing of sponsored post = 200AAP

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Conversion of Atpays points

AAE means Atpays Affiliate Earnings. It is equivalent to the amount in Naira. If you have 5 referrals, that’s N5000 for you.

AAP means Atpays Activities Points. 1point is equal to N0.65.

So, 100AAP = N65


When to withdraw Atpays income earnings

AAE can apply for withdrawal two times a week.

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Who can join Atpays forum?

Anyone can join no matter their age or ethnic background.

  1. Students
  2. Bloggers
  3. Social media influencers
  4. Corp members
  5. Unemployed
  6. Housewife etc

Atpays Registration: How to do Atpays sign up easily

NOTE: You will need a coupon code register and it costs N1500. After that, proceed.

To register on Atpays, follow the steps below;

  1. Go to Atpays Registration page
  2. Fill the form accordingly as shown below.

    Atpays Registration

    Leave the Referral ID & Referred by as it is.

  3. Tick the I have agreed to the terms and conditions
  4. Click on sign up

Contact me to help you with the registration

How to get Atpays coupon code

Connect with anyone from the coupon vendors on the site.

  • Pay him/her a sum of N1500
  • Then use the registration guide above and use the coupon code.

Atpays income login and dashboard

After your registration is successful,

  • Go to Atpays login page
  • Fill the login form 
  • Click on login and you are in.

Is AtPays real, legit or another scam?

After some findings, Atpays income turned out to be a legit income program anyone can join and start making money to read news online.

But I’m not too cool with them having to use two different domains.

For it not crash, do your part dutifully. Don’t try to cut corners. Follow their rules and regulations.

I can’t say it will last, because anything happens anytime.

Wrapping up Atpays review

This article has shown another paying sites in Nigeria, how to do Atpays Registration and start making money. Assist Blogger always got you covered. 

If you have not joined any income programs before, why are you still dilly dallying? Join Atpays today and be glad. 

We will keep sharing ways to make money online. You must make money!

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